PICC and PORT Placement

    For patients starting boot camp at Reno Integrative Medical Center, either a  PICC or PORT placement is required. To make this process flow as smoothly as possible, we offer the following options.

PICC or PORT Placement options


Your personal physician writes a prescription to have a PICC or PORT done in your home town and you have it in place before your first day of treatment. This is a procedure that is generally covered by health insurance.


We can provide you with an order to have a PICC or PORT  done in your home town if you do not have a specific physician.

* Note: This can only be done for established patients that have seen Dr. Eslinger.

* Not all labs will accept an out of state order, so we advise checking with facility.  



Arrangements can be made to place your PICC line with a private service through our clinic. Call our office for more details;

775- 829-1009.

* This service must be pre-paid. 

* As a general rule, appointments must be scheduled at least 7 business days in advance. 

*Cost is $1,000 for a 2 hour appointment with $100 fee for each extra hour if needed.


If front office is notified within 3 business days prior to patient's appointment, patient will receive a full refund.

If front office is notified less than 3 business days prior to your appointment, patient will be charged $175. Patient will receive $725.00 refund.

If front office is notified less than 2 business days before appointment it is non-refundable.

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