Sometimes we will have our patients have a Panorex taken, at a lab near us, to be able to determine the condition of their teeth. A Panorex is a special kind of x-ray that shows all the teeth on one picture. Many people do not realize how important good dental work is to their overall level of health.

We realize each tooth is associated with different organ systems, much the same as the acupuncture meridians are.

Problems arise when poor dental work leads to chronic infections and inflammation. The most frequent causes of these things are improperly performed root canals and what are called “Cavitations”, which are pockets of infection right at the tip of the tooth’s roots. This constant irritation can lead to diminished overall health. The solution is to have these things cleaned out and done properly.

We are not saying that dirty teeth cause cancer but they can interfere with the overall functioning of the immune system and lead eventually to many chronic diseases.

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