Salicinium Therapy 

At Reno Integrative Medical Center we are now using Salicinium Therapy in our Cancer treatment protocol.

There is Hope for those seeking options in the their cancer therapy.

Salicinium is a natural plant based extract, a complexed sugar molecule that is harmless to normal cells in the body because they cannot absorb a "complex glycome".  Because this extract is a complexed molecule and not a "free" glucose, it has no impact on the patients' blood sugar.

Why is this fact important?

Because the cancer cells have receptors that will falsely interpret the presence of this molecule as a sugar (a fuel source). 

Once the molecule enters the cancer cell a specific enzyme will split off a part called the benzaldyhide ring. This ring interferes with the energy production pathway in the cancer cell.

Cancer cells all produce an enzyme called Nagalase.  This enzyme blocks the ability of certain immune cells to recognize the abnormal cells and destroy them.  This provides safety or (cloaking) for the diseased cells.  Salicinium inhibits the production of Nagalase while simultaneously stimulating the innate immune cells.

We can monitor the amount of Nagalase with a simple blood test.

This gives us the ability to monitor progress of treatment.

Salicinium as a false sugar

Salicinium Therapy
"The Great de-Cloaker"

The composite Salicinium molecule will only affect anaerobic (cancer) cells destroying the enzymatic "cloak" which allows them to hide from the immune system.

Circulating tumor cells are at the forefront of an ongoing or escalading malignant process.  Salicinium affects these cells first, therefore halting the spread of malignancy.

  • Continued use of Salicinium will allow the immune system to steadily attack remaining malignant cells.
  • This therapy, whether I.V. or oral, should be continued without interruption until testing shows no further indicators of cancer.
  • Salicinium is completely targeted- it will only enter anaerobic cells.
  • Salicinium allows GcMAF to resume operation, greatly increasing the effectiveness of the immune system.
  • Salicinium does not kill the malignant cells- the immune system does.
  • As tissue levels of Salicinium build up more and more cancer cells die.
  • Salicinium is used in the context of an integrative protocol to enhance the effectiveness of other therapies.

Salicinium is a prospective adjunt to orthodox chemotherapy, as neither interferes with function of the other. However, by using Salicinium, the dosage of the chemotherapy can be reduced to a fraction (10%-15%) of the full dose. This is especially true when the chemo drugs are administered in the setting of IPT therapy. This combined type of therapy is dictated by the seriousness and stage of the malignancy.

In addition to addressing the cancer cells, Dr. Eslinger has also instituted NES scanning on all his patients.  He understands the importance that clearing energy blockages in the human body field has on the overall healing experience.

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