"Cancer Boot Camp"
 Three Week Intensive

Reno Integrative Medical Center offers an intensive three week “Cancer Boot Camp" to treat the chronically ill and adult cancers of all type and stages.

"Cancer Boot Camp"
is a new way of treating cancer. 

Even with the best immune system, cancer has figured out ways to turn off mechanisms , built in to our cells, that will detect foreign invaders.  Our goal is to de-cloak the cancer in order to expose it to the immune system.

It is equally as important to promote a strong immune system. There are natural ways to stimulate strong responses of T-cells to fight and eliminate fast growing cancer cells.

All of our therapies work hand in hand with each other to create a synergistic and powerful attack on cancer while promoting the body’s innate and wise immune system to regain its natural vitality and balance.

Our premier program is our 3 week cancer boot camp. Surprisingly, it goes much quicker than one would think.  There is much to do in a short window of time.  It requires determination, co-operation, and participation on the part of our patients.  There is much to learn and change in order to outmaneuver cancer.  

Treatment does not stop here.  It must become integrated in to the lives of each patient once they return home.  Our patients are expected to take an active part in their care with at home protocols which are crucial to aid in their journey back to stability and eventual homeostatic balance. 

Our program is not a case of passive, “Give me the medicine and I will be better” or “a one-size-fits-all” approach.  It becomes a committed effort between our doctor, clinical staff, patient and their family.  It is a journey worth making.  

Better to take control than to feel helpless and out of control.

Our Nutritionist

Each boot camper meets with Kathy, our nutritionist several times to educate themselves with the ins and outs of an anti-cancer diet.

Ketogenic diet

We stress the importance of all our cancer patients getting on a Ketogenic diet as soon as possible.  Preferably before they even arrive.  If you are coming to boot camp and wish to speak to our nutritionist, prior to arrival. This is very helpful when planning foods to purchase either before you arrive or once you arrive to stock in your room.

Being in ketosis enhances the effectiveness of all our treatments. It is important to understand that cancer thrives on carbohydrates and sugar, so reducing them from your diet is essential.  

Possible therapies

This three week intensive is an out-patient therapy designed to rigorously address our patient's cancer and chronic disease.

Dr. Eslinger has observed, over many years of patient treatment and recovery, that a three week treatment protocol period is the amount of time the body requires to demonstrate therapeutic results. There are no silver bullets or shortcuts. “Cancer Boot Camp” is the answer for those faced with a serious disease. 

Treatment protocols combine highly effective, non-toxic, alternative cancer treatment options integrated with selective conventional therapies. Dr. Eslinger’s focus is on de-cloaking and targeting the disease while boosting the patient’s immune system. The body's immune system must be improved to effectively conquer cancer.

The science of integrated alternative cancer care is evolving at a rapid rate.  Reno Integrative Medical Center is on the leading edge of providing patients with the most up-to-date treatment options.

Boot Camp treatment options may include:

“Cancer Boot Camp” integrative treatment options can be reviewed by clicking on the Alternative Cancer Therapy page.

Our nursing staff is friendly and thorough

Your comfort and healing is paramount to our clinic. You will be well taken care of.

Our "hands on" Reiki master

You will be seen by Sharon once weekly to help re-energize and open energy blockages during your 3 week stay.


Ginger will pamper you with weekly detox treatments: Aqua chi, Chi machine, raindrop treatment with essential oils, lymphatic rife, hypothermia with biomat.

Dr. Eslinger

You will meet regularly with Dr. Eslinger to review progress and be monitored.

Patient Liaison

You have access to our patient liaison from start to finish for whatever your needs may be.  Along with our front office staff, you are in good hands 


We are an out-patient facility

Our patients are expected to provide their own lodging, transportation and food. “Cancer Boot Camp” treatments are given Monday thru Thursday 9am-4pm.  Friday 9am - 12:00. Information on where to stay is provided in the NEW PATIENTS part of our website.

In order to attend our 3 week cancer boot camp, patients must have either a PICC or a PORT line to provide access.

Patients must be ambulatory, which means they must be able to walk as well as meet their own personal needs. The exception would be if someone had their own attendant.

For most cancers, the cost for the three week “Cancer Boot Camp" program will start at $27,000, depending on specific treatments recommended.

Patients will be placed on an "At Home" treatment protocol which can range from $2,000 - $4,000 per month depending on the individual patient's health status. This insures a constant flow of treatment between visits.  

We often recommend monthly 3 day follow up visits that will be based on the patient's current health status.  Patients are monitored with weekly lab draws and phone consults with the doctor.

The requirements for follow-up treatments are tailored to the treatment response of each patient. Each patient is unique and no two protocols are alike. Therefore, we reserve the right to call our approximated quote an estimated quote for services. This cost does not include food, lodging or travel. 

We do accept credit cards but do not take insurance. The reason for this policy is because we do not wish to be limited by insurance demands and restrictions. We ask that payments be made weekly to stay current with services rendered. 

What to do Prior to Starting Boot Camp

Before starting IV treatments, patients must  have either a PICC line or PORT placed to allow easy IV access.

  • Please speak with Lesley, our office manager and Patient Liaison to arrange for or discuss PICC or PORT placements.
  • Please check too to discuss the possibility of having your insurance pay for this service.
  • If your insurance does not cover a PICC placement, we have a service available that we can provide. * Please call our front office staff for more details. This is PICC only.

If patients have a PICC line, we suggest wearing short sleeved tops to provide nurses with easy access.

For all patients, layering of clothes is a good idea.  Sometimes you may be chilled, sometimes you may be hot.  The idea is to be comfortable at all times.

Bring a good book.  Bring your lap top if you want to stay connected. Listen to your favorite book or music with your CD player or I-phone and head set.  The whole idea is to relax while you are being taken care of.

Our patients have several options for housing while staying in Reno for their 3 week treatment. There are apartments that rent by the month, motels that have services or RV facilities.
Please refer to Where to stay on our Patient Information page for more information.

"Let us re-direct you to a more positive cancer treatment experience."

Remember, we do not call it Boot Camp for nothing.  There is much to be done to outmaneuver cancer.  There will be times that our patients feel nausea and fatigue.  Allow yourself to heal. 

Diet for cancer patients

Dr. Eslinger has been researching Ketogenic diet as an excellent means of combating cancer.  Anyone that tells you that diet doesn't matter is sorely misinformed.  

Many of our patients come and, out of habit, bring carbohydrates and sugar as their food choices; Bread, crackers, granola bars, cereal, potatoes, sweetened juices, fruit, carrots to name a few.

These are foods that feed cancer. Cancer requires sugar to survive. We address this in several of our treatments as well. 

We provide nutritional counseling to help educate and train our patients to adopt healthier choices when selecting what to eat.  

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