Live cell therapy

Live cell therapy offers the same regenerative, healing effects of stem cells without the moral dilemma of using human fetuses or frozen embryos or the cost of stem cells themselves. 

These are not stem cells. 

Conditions such as liver failure, kidney failure, congestive heart failure and severe degenerative nervous system diseases such as Parkinson’s and MS have been helped by this therapy.  There are even cases of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus that have been “cured” by this treatment in Germany.

Thymus live cell therapy for immune boosting

The Thymus is located in the front center of the chest just behind the breast bone.  It is part of the glandular and the immune system. 

  • Major function is the making of T-lymphocytes (T-cells) 
  • Recognize anything foreign (bacteria, virus, parasite or cancer cell) as “foe” and attack
  • Reaches greatest size at sexual maturity (about age 14) and begins to lose bulk and diminish in function after that.
  • Less than 50% original size by age 30
  • Some scientists believe this decline leads to an inexorable chain of events that result in aging of the human body
  • This fact also leads to a rising incidence of cancer as a person ages

Many doctors have helped patients restore Thymus function by administering Thymus gland cell formulas

This approach has been an adjunct therapy to treat cancer in Europe for many years

  • At Reno Integrative Medical Center, cell formula therapy thymus extract is used to boost the strength of the immune system to help fight cancer.  The thymus gland is one of the key players in the immune therapies that are designed to overcome tumors.

Live cell therapy history

It was pioneered by a Swiss physician, Dr. Paul Niehans, over 90 years ago, using pre-term animal tissues.  He discovered that not only are these “cross species” tissues effective, but the pre-term tissue does not trigger an allergic reaction in humans.

Because stem cell therapy was not available for the past 90 years this is the treatment the “rich and famous” have gone to Europe for “rejuvenation” or “anti-aging” treatments at that time. People such as Dwight Eisenhower, Pope Pius XII, Charlie Chaplin, Pablo Picasso and Joseph Kennedy are among those who took advantage of this therapy.

Unfortunately, there is little known about live cell therapy in this country because the vast majority of the 330 books, monographs and articles published on it since 1983 have been in languages other than English.  There tends to be a very arrogant attitude in the field of medicine in this country, looking down on any research not published in this country.

It was not until 1986 that a California institute published, The Biochemistry of Live Cell Therapy, the first publication in English, which attempted to explain some of the actual scientific mechanics of this overlooked form of treatment.

Of the hundreds of thousands of injections given in Europe during the nine decades of live cell therapy history, it is notable that so few fatalities or significant side effects had been noted.  Dr. Huhnau, who used this therapy for nearly 40 years, always insisted that no significant side effects, let alone fatalities, had ever been reported.

Despite having found favor with some of the major figures of the 20th century, and being found to be legitimate and legal, it is still considered “dubious or experimental” by the medical establishment.  This is in spite of the fact that a study published in 1981 in the New England Journal of Medicine that showed 10 of 17 immunosuppressed children with a condition called “histiocytosis X” underwent complete remission after being treated with daily injections of thymus extract from 5 day old calves.

Anti-aging and cell regeneration

Our cells are regularly replenished during our lives through division of cells.  This process is very efficient in our youth. As a result, during the early stages of life, we have healthy and active cells which give us our vibrant physical beauty and a dynamic body and mind.  However, the process by which our bodies replace old and used cells becomes less effective at rejuvenation the older we get.  The cell division process generates cells that are overtime less efficient and accurate as they were before leading to malfunctions in the cell and eventually the body.  This is why we age.

Individual organs or tissues such as hair and skin often are the first noticeable signs of aging.  Broader organ systems like our nervous, digestive, endocrine, circulatory and respiratory system soon follow. Other outside factors expedite the cell degeneration like poor nutrition, mental and physical stress as well as pollution.  The result therefore can be for many of us premature wrinkles, hair loss, chronic fatigue and a weak immune system.

In order to combat the process of aging and to protect yourself from external factors, scientists developed a unique rejuvenation set of 10 different cell factors to stimulate the organs which are most known to affect your cell degeneration.  These cell factors galvanize and rejuvenate deteriorated cells and triggers cell production.  These rejuvenation cell factors will jump start and support your natural cellular rejuvenation process and return you to a lower cellular age.  This, in return, will visibly influence not only your bodies appearance but make your overall beauty shine again.  Our true age is determined by the quality of our cells.

Amazingly, these cell treatments are available at Reno Integrative Medical Center.

Live cell therapy is a powerful addition to our mounting list of alternative treatments that are finding new favor with those seeking health care options. It is a fraction of the cost that STEM CELL would be. 

*Remember: Live cell therapy is not the same as Stem cell therapy.

We do, however, offer stem cell therapy. If you have specific questions regarding this or other therapies we offer, we invite you to fill out and send the following form. Our liaison services will respond with an e-mail in a timely manner.  

Our goal is to help patients make educated decisions towards their healing path forward.

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