pH and Health

by: Dr. Eslinger 9/16/09

pH and health is an area I feel is grossly misunderstood. It is basic science that I apply to all my patients. 

The myth that the body needs to be highly alkaline needs to be dispelled.

All of nature, including humans, is geared to be in a constant state of flow. When we are talking biologically about the cycle of acid and alkaline in regards to our bodily fluids, we are making note of the break-down and re-building process that takes place every 24 hours in order to maintain homeostatic balance.

Acid allows for burning energy and excretion of toxins.

Alkaline allows for rest, healing and storage of energy.

One needs the other.

During the day, you want your body to be more acid. Breaking down fuel to burn energy.

During the evening, you want your body to rest and go in to a more alkaline state.

Too much variation or stagnation in either direction is not healthy and leads to dysfunction.

We need both processes in balance.

Post Script: 12/3/13

Many people have been led to believe that cancer will be killed off if they make their body PH highly alkaline.  Many people call and request high dose cesium therapy thinking it is the answer to their cancer cure.   We have tried this therapy with no positive results. 

The thing we wish to convey to cancer patients and those researching a cure is:  Cancer causes the acid, the acid does not cause the cancer.  Reduce the cancer cell growth and you will reduce the acid build up.

There is a test one can get that test for cancer growth. It is called a Nagalase test.

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