Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop therapy is another treatment offered to our patients to enhance relaxation and promote detoxing. It is well worth experiencing.

We schedule our Cancer Boot Camp patients for a raindrop treatment during their three weeks intensive.  

The patient lays, face down, on the treatment table while a sequence of nine highly anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral essential oils are dropped on the spine from top to bottom.

Light massage using various hand to body techniques are then used to insure deep penetration of the oils in to the tissue.

Heated towels are then applied for deeper relaxation and penetration.

Everyone benefits from this therapy because the spinal column contains nerves that feed the entire body. Wonderfully soothing, nurturing and relaxing, raindrop therapy can work it's benefits, in the body for days to weeks or months after the application.

It is a non-invasive technique.

Call and book your appointment today. You don't have to be sick to enjoy it's marvelous relaxing and healing affects. A wonderful and affordable gift to give yourself or friend.

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