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Reno alternative cancer treatment provides options for individuals faced with the diagnosis of cancer or other chronic diseases. At Reno Integrative Medical Center we offer a wide variety of therapies, both conventional and alternative, to provide our patients with a large set of treatment options

Dr Robert Eslinger at Reno Integrative Medical Center

Our approach is to support and enhance the body's natural defenses against disease while, at the same time, targeting the root cause.

If you have been told by your doctor that you will need full dose chemotherapy, think again. Treatment today for cancer and chronic disease isn’t what it was 5 years ago or even 2 years ago. Enormous progress has been made in the area of less toxic approaches to treating what so many view as an incurable disease.

This is a growing field of very committed physicians and healers.  It is based on high science as well as an organic approach to working with the body’s innate ability to heal.

Dr. Eslinger has committed his professional life to provide options for his patients.  He will meet you where you are at in all aspects of your decision making process.  He is excellent at educating patients so that they can come to peace with their ultimate decision to treat their cancer and/or chronic disease.

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Reno Alternative Cancer Treatment and
New Discoveries

As research reveals new discoveries, we are quick to incorporate them into our medical protocols. We do not seek to replace or eliminate traditional methods and, in fact, often incorporate such methods into our program.  That is the beauty of an alternative cancer treatment center. 

Nevada is currently one of only 3 states that offer homeopathic licensing. This allows for a much broader range of non-traditional treatments that cannot be administered in other states. Many still think that they must go to Mexico or Europe to get treatments blocked by conventional medicine. 

Fortunately, a way has been paved by forward thinking law makers that have allowed licensed Homeopathic doctors to treat with therapies, they feel, would best serve their patients. It is a blessing to have a Reno Alternative Cancer Treatment option.

Cancer Treatment Options

Cancer treatment options at Reno Integrative Medical Center

Each patient that comes to us is given his or her specific protocol according to what is determined to be "the most effective" for their needs. This occurs in the initial evaluation process explained in the patient information section of our website.

Our flagship program that we urge all our cancer patients to seriously consider and enter, as soon as possible, is our three week intensive called "Cancer Boot Camp". This is a program that has taken years to refine and develop.

Many ask, "why 3 weeks?”  We feel that 3 weeks is the minimum amount of time for the biggest therapeutic results.  Cancer is a powerful foe and in order to turn the tide, so to speak, it needs to be hit hard with consistent and powerful therapies for a prolonged set of time.  Frequency + Intensity = Desired Results.

We are committed to helping people re-gain their lives and leave their disease behind.  It is a partnership we promise to enter in to with our patients.  There’s no slacking allowed.  It requires a commitment on both parts.  We believe that what the body creates, it can un-create. 

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