Stem Cell Therapy

When most people hear the words Stem Cell Therapy, they automatically assume that they are referring to the use of embryonic stem cells, which have been at the center of so much controversy in the US for more than a decade.

Stem cells are immature cells that are capable of growing into any tissue in the body that has been damaged or diseased to the point that it can no longer perform normally.

The stem cells are able to tell where in the body they are needed most and then go there to grow into new healthy tissue. 

Stem Cell Therapy 

The perception is that all stem cells come from the unborn and that in order to harvest the life-saving properties of these cells, someone must sacrifice a yet-to-be-born child.

This is no longer true.  In fact, the use of embryonic stem cells (those from a human fetus) have been found to present more problems than they solve.  So, they are no longer used.

It has been discovered that healthy, useful stem cells can be obtained from the umbilical cord and placenta of healthy full term babies at birth.  When obtained this way, they do not present any problem in the form of an allergic reaction from the person who receives them.

Once harvested, the cells are grown in cell culture to expand the number of them.  Also, extensive testing is done on them to assure that there are no bacteria or viruses in the sample.

There are two different ways to administer this therapy. 

  • The first is through a smaller dose into a very specific location such as into a joint or organ. 
  •  The second is by injecting a larger dose intravenously suspended in what is called normal saline.  This is a solution of sterile salt water at the same concentration as the blood.

Stem cells harvested from ethical sources offer hope for people who in the past would have seen slow steady deterioration in their health and quality of life even with the full use of the most current drug regimen.

Who can benefit from
Stem Cell Therapy?

Some examples of conditions that have been shown to benefit greatly from stem cell therapy are: 

  • rheumatoid arthritis 
  • multiple sclerosis 
  • congestive heart failure.
  • regenerate deteriorated joints like knees and shoulders that would normally have required artificial joint replacement.

The cells that we use to treat patients at Reno Integrative Medical Center are obtained from a company in the United States. They get the cells with the full consent of healthy mothers who deliver healthy babies by C-section.

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