What is Cancer?

 What is Cancer? There are many theories out there which attempt to make sense of why a cancer is produced in the body. Here are just a few examples:

Tissue acidity

Oxygen deprivation

Immune deficiency

Genetic predisposition


Toxic accumulations

Stress of the body and/or psyche

Infectious microbes

No doubt that any of these can contribute to what can be called the "allostatic load". A human being is a biological system which is subject to carrying various physiological burdens which create a weakened state and thus increased tendency toward imbalance.

Science is acknowledging more and more today the distinct link between disease in the body and the mind. There are a variety of therapies being utilized today that are geared towards communicating with the subconscious mind, the part of the mind attributed with the power to heal the body.

At Reno Integrative Medical Center we recruit the cooperation of the sub-conscious in the healing process. We understand that your cells are listening to your thoughts at all times. You are not separate from your experiences. EVERYTHING matters.

We address cancer cells on many levels. By understanding the physiology of the cancer cell and it's environment or terrain, we can deter it's growth. Through the use of IPT therapy we can alter the Cancer cell terrain without harming normal cells.

We are also big proponents of boosting the body's immune system while deterring growth of the cancer cells.

Because the body requires energy to heal, we also monitor the body's voltage and meridian system to maintain a balanced level.

Cancer is addressed on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Belief that healing is occuring becomes huge when one realizes that what the body created the body can also un-create.

Yet one more cog in the wheel of understanding the human body and it's ability to create dysfunction or heal. If the body can break it, it can fix it too

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