Alternative Cancer Therapy
Reno, NV

At Reno Integrative Medical Center we provide patients with alternative cancer therapies as well as treat other chronic diseases.

Doctor Eslinger combines conventional, complementary and holistic therapies to treat adult cancers of all types and stages.

Wellness therapies are also a big part of our focus.

Nevada is currently one of only 2 states that offer homeopathic licensing. This allows for a much broader range of non-traditional treatments that cannot be administered in other states. Many still think that they must go to Mexico or Europe to get treatments blocked by conventional medicine.

As research reveals new discoveries, we are quick to incorporate them into our medical protocols. We do not seek to replace or eliminate traditional methods and, in fact, often incorporate such methods into our program. That is the beauty of an alternative cancer treatment center.

Reno Integrative Medical Center Philosophy

“The cancer treatment should not make the patient sicker in an attempt to make them better.” 

What do we mean by that?

When treating the body metabolically, one may be challenged by potential nausea, fatigue, diarrhea. Each patient reacts differently. However, the end result in curbing the cancer far outweighs the non-permanent discomfort. By reducing toxic exposure, collateral damage to healthy tissue is significantly reduced thus protecting the patient’s health as much as possible.

“Educating our patients is key to their increased knowledge of and involvement in their healing treatment process. ” Patients are involved in their therapy. This is not a passive process. 

“Providing personal attention to our patients throughout their treatment duration, both at our clinic and home follow-up.” Our patient numbers are kept at a comfortable level to better provide personal interaction and follow-up.  You are not a number.

Alternative cancer therapies do not mean that they are less powerful than conventional therapies. This is often a misconception. We offer hard to come by, less-toxic alternatives for therapy options for individuals faced with the diagnosis of cancer or other chronic diseases.

Dr. Eslinger’s Book

Dr. Eslinger is part of a growing field of very committed physicians and healers. Treatments and protocols are based on high science as well as organic approaches to working with the body’s innate ability to heal.

Introducing Dr. Eslinger’s book, “Outmaneuver Cancer”, An Integrative Doctor’s Journey”

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We encourage you to read about our many therapies. Our website is written in an “easy to understand” fashion with the intent to educate and empower those seeking out different options.

If you have been told by your doctor that you will need full-dose chemotherapy, think again. Treatment today for cancer and chronic disease isn’t what it was 5 years ago or even 2 years ago. Enormous progress has been made in the area of less toxic approaches to treating what so many view as an incurable disease.

We use alternatives to chemo and target them to the cancer via a therapy known as Insulin Potentiated therapy or IPT.

Reducing collateral damage to the rest of your body is essential to maintaining a strong immune system.

Enter the Possibility of Alternative Cancer Therapies

Allow Reno Integrative Medical Center the opportunity to ease your fear and explain how cancer therapy has become much more patient friendly and less-toxic. Enter in to the place of open-mindedness and trust. We will meet you there.

Step :

Cancer Boot Camp

Patients from all over the world have come to Reno Integrative Medical Center to enlist in our cancer treatment program called, Cancer Boot Camp. We offer 3 and 4 week programs.

Our Boot Camp allows us to target and destroy cancer cells while, at the same time, stabilizing and boosting the immune system. Duration, frequency and potency are what create the best results.

A medical records evaluation is the first step to becoming a Cancer Boot Camp patient. This is a one hour phone consultation, with our doctor, to discuss your recent medical records, what we have to offer and how to proceed. This allows first contact with our doctor and an opportunity to ask questions specific to your situation.

Step :

Alter the Terrain

We approach cancer and other diseases through a metabolic route. Rather than “swating a fly from your shoulder with a hatchet” we use subtler techniques.

Understanding why the disease thrives can give science an edge. By altering the internal environment or terrain in which the disease is seated, it can no longer thrive, let alone, survive.

Cancer, for example, may seem unbeatable. We disagree. It has weaknesses that can be used against it. Our approach is to “Outmaneuver cancer”, with our alternative cancer therapies, on as many levels as possible.

Time is of the Essence

Whether you are seeking a second opinion and/or an alternative cancer treatment, choosing the doctor and clinic for your care is of major importance. It is a life changing decision.

Reno Integrative provides a comprehensive program that addresses your cancer care.

  1. Identify and determine the patient’s current state of health.
  2. Isolate, target and eliminate the cancer without destroying the immune system of the patient.
  3. Provide an at-home protocol program that keeps treatment flowing while monitoring long term progress.

Once the decision has been made many choose to begin treatments immediately.

The staff at Reno Integrative Medical Center are dedicated to insure that your experience with us is a positive one.

One step at a time is how your healing process begins.

Let us help you.  You do not need to do this alone.

Please refer to New Patients for more information on how to proceed.

800-994-1009  what’s next.

Please understand that we cannot diagnose or give medical advice to non-patients. We will do our best to address your comments and questions through an e-mail response.

We offer a private 1 hour phone consultation, with our doctor, to evaluate your records and share how our treatments may be of help in treating your cancer with a less toxic protocol.   Fee is $250.  See Medical Records Evaluation under New Patients.

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