3 Things to Know About Treating Cancer and Illness Through a Pandemic

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3 Things to Know About Treating Cancer and Illness Through a Pandemic

A cancer or illness diagnosis is scary on its own but what about during a pandemic? Here are three things to know about treating cancer during a pandemic.
The recent pandemic was a stressful time for everyone involved. It was especially difficult for those with pre-existing conditions. Whether you had cancer or some other diagnosis, contracting COVID could leave your body scrambling to survive. What did we learn from all this? Here are three things you need to know about treating cancer and illness during a pandemic.

1. Coping Emotionally

The one pervasive thing that we noticed at our clinic, during this almost year and a half of lock downs and mixed information, our cancer patients remained strong and steadfast in their commitment to continue treatment. For them, they had already faced their FEAR. They realized our treatments are EXACTLY what they should be doing to give their immune systems the best odds of defeating not only their cancer but the threat of Covid too.

2. Think Preventively 

COVID-19 is a virus.
Knowing this fact can help address treatment both prior to exposure and/or after.

• Zinc prevents replication of virus. (50 mg. daily)

• Vit. D is essential for proper immune function. Normal blood levels are 30-100. We recommend over 70. Through the years we have discovered almost all of our patients have presented with below effective Vit. D levels. We recommend supplementing with 5,000 units daily. We use a liquid rather than capsules.

• Vit. C is also an important daily supplement. We recommend a minimum of 2,000 mg. orally. To reach higher levels to combat viral load, a patient must consider doing high dose IV Vit.C therapy.

• High Dose Vit. C IV can give a therapeutic dose of between 30 -50 grams in order to combat viral load without the downside of diarrhea. We would recommend twice a week during a potentially immune demanding event.


• High Dose Ultra-violet blood irradiation with ozone IV therapy has been shown to powerfully address viral loads. Both Ultra-violet light and ozone kill viruses. This therapy can be done twice a week.

• Peroxide IV therapy also has been shown to be effective in killing viruses. This is not the peroxide one uses at home. https://www.renointegrativemedicalcenter.com/hydrogen-peroxide-therapy/

• GcMAF IV is also a powerful anti-viral therapy by stimulating the macrophage cells which are part of the immune system. https://www.renointegrativemedicalcenter.com/GcMAF-Therapy/

3. Vaccine or no vaccine? Mask or no mask?

That is the million dollar question. We do not administer the vaccine at our clinic and we acknowledge that it is a personal choice. We have seen both no reaction after vaccine and negative reaction from vaccine. Again, what a person decides to inject into their body is their decision. Due to HIPPA law, no one is allowed to ask if you’ve had it let alone enforce that you get it.

We also acknowledge that masks have never been able to prevent someone from getting the virus. If you feel safer wearing one, then that is a personal choice. We believe it is important for the body to have healthy oxygen levels ranging in high 80’s -100 %. Our cancer patients are given oxygen during treatments to better enhance success.

The best way to handle your diagnosis during this pandemic is to find a doctor in your area that can give you some of the best services around. At Reno Integrative Medical Center, we provide alternative cancer therapies and holistic therapies for various other chronic diseases.

If you live in the Reno, Nevada area and need treatment, contact us today.

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