Hyperthermia Therapy



Hyperthermia therapy takes advantage of the fact that cancer cells are very intolerant of heat. Normal cells in our body have mechanisms for carrying away excess heat. This is the process called homeostasis.  Cancer cells do not have this capability and at a certain point it causes their death. At the same time, this heat increases the activity of the immune system while also thinning the viscosity of the lymphatic fluid.

Amethyst Bio-Mat by Richway

  Tools used for Hyperthermia Therapy

  • The Bio-mat is one of the tools used deliver infrared heat waves deep within the body. Infrared heat waves are more effective because they do not penetrate from the surface in, rather the heat is created deep within the tissue. For example, heat from a heating pad only penetrates 1 to 1½ inches whereas, far infrared rays create heat up to 7 inches within the tissue.

This therapy is done with two far infrared bio-mats; one to lay on and one to place on top like a blanket.  This allows heat to penetrate a total of 14 inches deep in to the body.

This product is based on Nobel prize-winning scientific research pioneered by NASA and developed using pure, natural materials.

  • Another tool used for hyperthermia therapy is The FIR Dome,  also known as the portable, far infrared sweat less sauna.

Patients lie on a bed or  remain seated and place the dome over their body. It is light weight and easy to use with no discomfort.

The Dome produces its healing benefits through radiant Far Infrared heat. It’s arched design and multifaceted acute-angled silicon crystal chip, inner surface, maximizes the penetrating deep heat absorbed by the body, thereby enhancing the thermal effect.

There is no sweating and you can leave your clothes on.

Traditional saunas heat up the air around you to a very high temperature and cause the body to sweat profusely, whereas the Far infrared sauna or FIR Dome penetrates below the skin with a gentle controlled heat, thereby detoxing the cells and activating blood circulation. Toxins are eliminated from the body.

Cancer hates high heat so it is important to find and utilize ways to get heat deep in to the tissues without undue discomfort. This is a portable unit that we let patients take back to their hotel room during their treatment time with us if they so desire.

This device is a wonderful treatment that patients can do at home in between appointments.  It is affordable and easy to handle.

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go to https://www.biomat.com/ http://www.thechimachine.com/hothouse/?gclid=CMSB15vn-MMCFU1ffgods78AHw