NES Health:
Addressing Disease on a Quantum Level

Welcome to a new "Paradigm Shift"  in quantum healing.  It is called simply, NES Health.  This system focuses on balancing the vibratory frequency or energy field of the body to allow the body to heal itself.

Most people today are unhappy with conventional western medicine in some way shape or form.  The extreme cost, high toxicity and impersonal way of delivery are just a few areas of concern.

The truth is that we are on the cusp of a new paradigm of thinking that we believe will become the next generation of true health care:  Testing the Human Body Field on a quantum level.

NES Health Human Body Field at Reno Integrative Medical Center

The Wonders of NES Health
and Clearing Energy Blocks

NES Health (Nutri-Energetics Systems), is pioneering this twenty-first century health revolution.

It is designed to test for and correct energy blocks in the human body field called distortions.

Energy blocks can be due to many factors and can start anywhere from pre-birth all the way through one's life.  In fact, there is evidence that we can bring blockages in to this life from our ancestral lineage.

Throughout life, blockages can accumulate, often times without our conscious awareness.  They can cause anywhere from subtle to detrimental effects on our physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

Years are often spent going from one practitioner to another in search of solutions.  Invasive testing and procedures ironically can cause new blockages to form adding to the already mounting list of imbalances.

Clearing energy blocks is essential to balanced health.

It has been discovered that disease and chronic conditions start first in the energetic body field long before symptoms arise and are seen and felt on the physical level.

Distortions can be caused by a number of factors:

  • Poor digestion
  • Toxins
  • Emotional, physical or mental shocks
  • Surgery and other invasive procedures
  • Environmental pollution such as: cell phones, computers, radiation, microwave ,etc.
  • Physical injury
  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor living environment and lack of support
  • Long term pharmaceutical use
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Difficult childbirth
  • Situations that cause vulnerability, fear, loss, grief, etc.
  • And the list goes on

How do we find these distortions?

NES Health Provision at Reno Integrative Medical CenterNES Health ProVision

Computerized testing scans the body field and pin-points distortions in the order that the body wishes to address them. 

The test is quick, simple and non-invasive yet incredibly detailed.  It covers everything from bio-electric field  to emotional shocks one has been holding on to.  It is uncanny how accurate these readings are.  Re-testing is done between 14 to 28 days.

What do we do with this information?

NES Nutriceuticals at Reno Integrative Medical CenterNES Infoceuticals

The scan will recommend specific remedies called "Infoceuticals".

These remedies do not "heal" the body, but rather instruct or remind the quantum field what a perfect body should be. 

Infoceuticals are liquid remedies that have been imprinted with specific cellular instructions. The information is programmed into colloidal minerals contained within the water, through a process called IMPRINTING that occurs in a 10,000 volt electric field.

Remedies are taken by putting drops in water and drinking once daily.

Help unblock distortions with

NES Health Mi Health at Reno Integrative Medical CenterNES MiHealth

This is an electronic device that uses pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF) through scalar waves to unblock distortions in the body field while, at the same time, having a re-energizing effect. 

The ProVision scan will recommend specific points on the body to be treated in sequence.  This helps prepare the body for the infoceuticals.

A MiHealth treatment is done after each scan.  The MiHealth treatment can be repeated as much as 3 times a week. 

Dr. Eslinger is excited to be adding this cutting edge, 21st century system to his treatment toolbox. 

"There is nothing else like this out there that addresses the body at the level of the quantum field. The goal is to see healing from a new perspective; correcting distortions gently and safely to help the body do what it knows best."

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