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At Reno Integrative Medical Center we are dedicated to finding the source of our patient’s chronic conditions. Our Doctors are constantly researching to uncover “out of the box” discoveries that conventional medicine does not recognize due to reasons we remain suspicious of.

It is every person’s right to seek care for their own body. When those rights are limited by insurance companies that would rather pay thousands of dollars for Chemo and radiation as the ONLY treatment for Cancer, for example, one needs to take notice.

If we could just get the chance to treat most of our patients BEFORE they go through months of conventional treatments, there would be far less suffering and far better statistical results.

The body is a bio-chemical machine that runs just like any other machine. When your car’s engine light goes on, does it make sense to dis-connect the warning light so you can continue to drive without it’s distraction? Most of us would answer that question with a logical “NO”. The same logic should be used when addressing warning signs from your body. Most prescription drugs do nothing but dis-connect the warning light. Thus, the problem gets worse and worse until a major break down occurs. Then the mechanic gives you the bad news that it will take a major & expensive overhaul to get things running again. Not to mention the collateral damage done to parts not yet showing signs of stress.

Something to think about next time you take that purple pill.

Maybe the up-side of this economy is people will learn to get along with fewer prescription medicines and discover they are still “Alive”. In fact, not only still alive, but they might discover they aren’t experiencing as many of those nasty side-effects anymore.

TRUST your body’s wisdom. It is designed to always flow towards “Homeo-stasis”, which is a fancy word for BALANCE.

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