Vitamin D and your health

With winter coming, we encourage our patients to make sure they are getting enough Vitamin D in to their daily routine. Normally, Vitamin D is assimilated in to the body through sun exposure. A dose of sun daily goes a long way. VitaminD can also be taken orally and found in most health food stores. We have found many people with chronic diseases are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is an immune enhancer.

Average Dosage

From age 24 years until approximately age 50 years, 200 IU vitamin D is adequate, especially if you get 15 minutes of sunshine exposure three times a week, but there is no harm from taking supplements which contain 400 IU of vitamin D (a common dose in supplements). Healthy adults over 50 years should have at least 400 IU per day. Persons who are frail, housebound or have little sun exposure should have 600 - 800 IU of vitamin D daily. Avoid doses of vitamin D above 1000 IU, as this can be toxic, unless otherwise advised by your physician. You can order Vitamin D from Reno Integrative by calling Darlene at 1-800-994-1009.

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