Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment options, that are not as potentially toxic to your overall health as the conventional ones, are available. If you have just been diagnosed with lung cancer or are being treated, we offer less-toxic options.

alternative lung cancer treatment at Reno Integrative Medical Center

Almost everyone has seen (or at least heard) of the horrors that can happen to a person while being treated for cancer with conventional cancer therapies.

Fortunately there are a number of approaches to eliminating cancer that have been proven effective without harming the persons’ normal cells with bad “side effects”.

Understanding The Cancer Cell

The whole key to defeating cancer with these therapies is to understand the abnormal physiology that allows the cancer to prosper and hide, even in the presence of a strong immune system.

We encourage you to read our THERAPIES page for a more in-depth look at what we offer and why.

Cancer cell physiology involves burning of sugar without using oxygen (called anaerobic metabolism) and it requires 18 times more sugar than our normal cells.  This has been known for over 80 years and was discovered by a German physician and scientist named Otto Warburg.

  • We take advantage of this weakness in cancer cells by using a treatment called IPT.

Starving The Cancer Cells

By administering insulin, we are able to drop the patients’ blood sugar to a range where the cancer cells literally start starving for sugar and they do what is called “opening up their cell membranes” to try and capture any sugar going by in the blood.

While the sugar is dropping and when it enters the “therapeutic window”, we administer different natural compounds that are toxic to the cancer cells but not the normal cells. 

These therapeutic agents are sometimes administered with sugar to get the “starving” cancer to more completely take in these compounds. 

There are also times when we administer standard chemo drugs along with the sugar. The difference is we only use 10% of the full dose.  This is more effective than standard chemo doses because it more effectively targets the cancer cells.

  • An additional compound that we use is a “fake” sugar called Salicinium.  We fool the cancer cell to absorb this substance which causes  the energy production process to “shuts down”, thereby killing the cell.

Creating an Environment That Cancer Cells Cannot Thrive In

  • Another therapy that we use is called UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation).  This therapy is recognized by the FDA and was discovered in the United States in the 1920’s.  It involves exposing a sample of blood to ultraviolet light which kills cancer cells and activates the immune system to recognize the cancer cells as abnormal and start attacking them.
  • Some other ways to fight the cancer that we use are GcMAF(macrophage activating factor) and Dendritic Cell Vaccine (T-cell rich plasma) injections.  These are immune therapies that activate certain cells in the patients’ immune system in very specific ways.
  • Oxidative therapies are yet another way to kill cancer by using different forms of oxygen administered IV, or by breathing, to interfere with the anaerobic metabolism of the cancer cells.
    All of these therapies combine into a very powerful protocol that can kill the cancer cells and arrive at our ultimate goal of a healthy patient when it is all over.

 Test That Can Monitor Progress

The Nagalase test is an inexpensive blood test that we use to monitor a patient’s progress through treatment. We have found that a period of 3 weeks is the earliest one can expect to start seeing therapeutic results.

Cancer Boot Camp

We have created a 2,3 or 4 week program for patients to come to our clinic and receive our treatments.  Many are hard to come by and not available in all states.