Aqua Chi Treatment

The aqua chi treatment we offer at Reno Integrative enhances the body’s ability to detoxify & heal. It can also balance energy pathways within the body while relaxing your feet in warm, salt water.

The bio-charge produced by the ion energy spa can effectively be used for a wide range of conditions, serving as a non-invasive and effective wellness treatment.


Meet Ginger

Ginger is our wonderful technician that will pamper you through your invigorating and energizing treatment. It is one of the therapies we use, at our clinic, to promote more energy in the body, as an electron donor, as well as detox.

It re-balances and amplifies your body’s bio-electric field enabling the body to heal itself. It is an electron donor.

This foot bath, along with being very relaxing, gives our patients ENERGY… and that extra energy has the ability to trigger the self-healing processes in your body. Wherever your body needs the healing energy… that is where the energy is directed.

What is Body Energy and Why is it Important?

Body energy has to do with the proper layers of the right kinds of fats in the cell membranes of all the cells of the body and the proper electrical potentials that exist across those cell membranes. In other words, our bodies are much like a battery.

“Healing is Voltage” to quote Harvard trained physician Jerry Tennant, M.D. There is a healthy normal voltage, a “sick” voltage and a “healing” voltage. The Aqua Chi treatment literally gives the patient more electrical voltage in which to heal.

Ginger also provides other treatments to help drain the lymphatic system with bio-mat heat (top and bottom), rife technology and chi machine combination.

Detox and relaxation are also experienced by patients with the Raindrop therapy.

The Importance of Relaxation on Healing

Stress can not only cause disease, it can prolong disease. When one is “STUCK” in the Fight or Flight mode the body needs ways to train it back in to relaxation and balance. 

There is a whole science devoted to this called heart coherence. 

States of deep relaxation can also be brought about by the use of  brainwave technology.  With headphones, one can simply turn on and listen to the Insight CD to evoke deeper states of emotional well-being.

 The body can get stuck in the state of unrest when dealing with a “FEARFUL” diagnosis.  The longer one stays in this state of unrest, the greater the challenge to the immune system. There are simple, easy to use tools to help reverse this syndrome.