Author: Robert Eslinger

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Amniosomes: The next level of Stem Cells

November 2, 2020
Amniosomes are an affordable and powerful way to regenerate the body.

T-cell immunity with Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy

September 29, 2020
Our bodies’ long term immune system consists largely of two white blood cells known as B-cells and T-cells or B and T lymphocytes. B-cells make antibodies, which neutralize the microbes,...

Emotions and how they can affect organs in the body

June 17, 2020
Can emotions affect our organs? Through my many years of working with patients on not only the physical level but emotional as well, I have realized healing has deep roots...

How to lower Nagalase levels (And in the process aid in killing cancer cells)

January 21, 2020
Nagalase is an enzyme produced by cancer cells that help it to hide from the immune system. In general, the best way to lower (or eliminate) the production of this...

Notes from our Nutritionist, Daniel Marin

September 23, 2019
September is supposed to be the farewell to summer but so far (at least in Reno) it has been a quick transition to winter. Gloomy weather usually brings on gloomy...

Why Chelation?

March 20, 2019
Dr. Eslinger explains what Chelation therapy is and why. A good listen. Dr Eslinger explains Chelation Therapy If this is something you are interested in, give Reno Integrative Medical Center...

Spring cleaning for the blood.

March 7, 2019
When the oil in your car gets old and sticky you change it because you know your engine will run better and last longer with regular maintenance. The same principle...

Stem cells are “Pluripotent”.

January 15, 2019
Why are stem cells so powerful as a therapy? They are Pluripotent. What that means is, they have the means to go anywhere in the body where they are needed to stimulate new...

PRP or Stem Cells for Joint Regeneration?

October 25, 2018
PRP, (platelet rich plasma) , injections for joint regeneration are becoming more widely known as a way to restore joint function without having to undergo surgery. Umbilical cord stem cell...

Cancer Boot Camp

August 6, 2018
Cancer Boot Camp at Reno Integrative Medical Center   Reno, Nevada Because cancer is such a formidable foe, we have developed a 2-4 week program called Cancer Boot Camp in order...
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