Biophotons-The Light in Our Cells

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Biophotons-The Light in Our Cells


Light therapy

One of the hottest fields of frontier science which is about to lead to major conceptual breakthroughs and many useful applications in bio-physics, biology and bio-medicine is biophotons…the light of life.
Biophotons have been known about since 1924 but more recent research has demonstrated that they are stored and emitted by the spiral DNA molecules at the heart of the nucleus of every cell.
It is also known that a form of this therapy using ultraviolet light treatment (UBI) of the blood was developed in the US in the 1920’s!  Whats’ more, the FDA knows all about this treatment and in an issued statement said they “recognize the therapeutic benefit of it”!
When blood is exposed to uv light the cells take on photons and re-radiate them back to all the other cells as they circulate.  These photons trigger a boost to the immune system and increase normal healthy metabolic activity in all the cells.  This treatment is also deadly to all viruses, bacteria and also cancer cells.
It may mean the dawning of a new era in Modern Medicine called Health Restoration rather than just treating diseases.
To read more about available light therapy to cells click on UVBI .
Reno Integrative Medical Center has many therapies available that are innovative and out of the conventional box.

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Dr. Robert Eslinger Reno Integrative Medical Center, Reno Nevada

Dr. Eslinger’s book, “Outmaneuver Cancer” is an interesting new insight on how to view Cancer and treat it.


Dr. Eslinger’s Book Outmaneuver Cancer

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