J-P. S. from New Jersey shares a brain cancer testimonial

I have been a patient at Reno Integrative Medical Center since September 2011.  This is my brain cancer testimonial. After 2 years, there has been no return of tumors.  


My original diagnosis, in July 2011, was Anaplastic oligodendroglioma (Stage III, the maximum for that cancer), and extraventricular neurocytoma (no stage diagnosis), medium survival 7 years.

My conventional oncologist, the world authority on oligodendrogliomas, has no background in alternative therapies, but given my continued health, he advises me to continue what I’m doing. I’m very happy that I chose RIMC for treatment.

What was your experience like during Bootcamp?

Very difficult, but I’m grateful that I completed it.  I learned a number of healthy thinking techniques, which I continue to this day and I was fascinated by the scientific bases for the treatments which I read in the binder that all patients receive and in the supplemental literature that I received whenever I asked the nurses.