Cancer “Must” have sugar to survive.

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Cancer “Must” have sugar to survive.

In 1931 a German physician/scientist, Otto Warburg MD, PhD, received a Nobel prize for proving that all cancer cells use anaerobic metabolism (burn sugar without using oxygen) to produce energy.  The problem (for the cancer cell) is that this mechanism is 18 times less efficient than the aerobic (oxygen utilizing) metabolism that our normal cells use.  That means the cancer cells need 18 times more sugar than normal cells to grow and prosper

That being said, it is not possible to eliminate cancer by not eating sugar.  The main reason is the brain requires sugar on the same order of urgency as oxygen.

We are able to target the cancer cells and feed them a false sugar that fools them and kills them without harming normal cells.

It is called Salicinium .


Dr. Robert Eslinger at Reno Integrative medical Center

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