Cancer profile test without radiation

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Cancer profile test without radiation


Cancer blood test without radiation

This Cancer profile test consists of 7 different tests. They are HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), both serum and urine, PHI (phosphohexose isomerase enzyme), CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen), GGTP (a liver test), TSH (a thyroid test), and DHEA-S (an adrenal hormone).

The uniqueness of the Cancer Profile is that it combines a number of tests which, by themselves, might not be indicative enough, but together provide and impressive level of accuracy and precision.

While numerous studies have confirmed that HCG levels are elevated if there are cancer cells in the body, it may be present in super-low quantities that cannot be detected. Therefore, the Cancer Profile includes other tumor markers as well. In other words, what one test may miss, the others will usually detect.

In one study during its development, the tumor marker CEA proved to be sensitive in cases of metastasized bone cancer, while PHI was elevated in cancers of other organs. However, when CEA and PHI were combined, overall sensitivity was increased considerably.

By combining all these tests, the results provide an impressive level of accuracy and precision. It has been determined to have an overall accuracy of 87-97%!

The other thing that is remarkable about this battery of tests is that it is excellent not only for early detection, but also for laboratory follow-up and monitoring disease reduction or progression during treatment.

All this is done without the use of radiation so monitoring of progress can safely be done far more frequently than during conventional treatment.

The tests can also be important to establish a benchmark prior to surgery. With a retest later, one can determine if the surgery has removed the whole tumor.

For example, a study in the Journal of Tumor Marker Oncology in 1992 reported that men who had had their diseased prostates removed had distinctly lower levels of both PSA and HCG, compared to those patients with tumors remaining. Clearly, lower levels of these markers indicate a procedure’s effectiveness.

The markers may also serve as a warning signal of the prospect for renewed problems.

The Cancer Profile has proven itself useful in helping to move past the era of toxic cancer screening and treatment.

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