Cancer Success

 Cancer Success Factors and other Chronic Diseases:

A positive attitude is essential to a cancer success outcome for all patients. It is key that the patient reject the prevailing concept that death from cancer and other chronic diseases is inevitable, and the belief that conventional medicine offers the only hope for survival.

Cancer Success Personality

Certain consistent features or attributes distinguish the successful survivor from those who are not. The successful patients, by and large, are those who are:

1) Willing and able to reverse a stressful life-style, to reduce heavy obligations, burdens and anxieties, and who learn to say "No" to those who would lay burdens upon them.

2) Aware of the critical importance of spiritual growth and surrender to the benevolent authority of God or their concept of a Higher Power.

3) Ready and eager to take charge of their own health care, to study in depth the various alternatives, and to make dietary and other changes in their physical life-style.

4) Able to reject the idea that the diagnosis of cancer automatically means death and that conventional treatment offers the only hope.

5) Willing to accept responsibility for the behavioral factors which led to the disease, to submit to self-assessment, and to make the necessary adjustments and corrections to eliminate these factors.

6) Prepare to abandon destructive and "toxic" emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, guilt and self-pity, replacing these with such positive emotions as hope, love, forgiveness, gentleness, confidence and faith. Cancer success depends on it.

7) Able to overcome inhibitions, particularly learned restraints which may have prevented healthy mental and physical well being.

Conventional medicine has only recently begun to recognize the connection between the mind and the immune system. It is an extremely important aspect of a healthy immune system, healing and freedom from disease.

For cancer success, the surviving patient has a healthy skepticism of the conventional approach to cancer and other chronic diseases, and questions all of the premises of that approach. He/she is eager to study in depth all treatment modalities without prejudice, then to follow the chosen course or courses with dedication, discipline and common sense.

The successful patient has confidence and faith in his/her course of action. The long-term cancer survivor is usually the one who is willing to expose and address his/her deep-seated emotional problems and to resolve long-standing conflicts.

The foregoing attributes have been those most frequently associated with victory over cancer and other chronic diseases.

In recent years we have come to the conclusion that these attributes or qualities are virtually indispensable to recovery from disease. It has further been experienced that if the problems and conflicts discussed at the beginning of this section are not addressed and corrected, the patient will likely not get well.

More often than not, neither conventional nor alternative methods alone penetrate deeply enough into the patient's inward nature, so much of which is kept beneath the surface and so much of which underlies that patient's disease. Counseling, prayer, meditation, reaching the deeper dwelling place of feelings — all must be brought to bear to resolve the patient's inner conflicts. These underlying issues must be addressed simultaneously with physical treatment, whether it be conventional, alternative or a combination of therapies. Otherwise, none of these physical modalities will be effective. We must recognize loving energy as an essential part of healing.

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