Cancer Without Chemo
Dr. Eslinger 9/16/09

Cancer without Chemo is a subject many patients are asking about. Here’s my perspective.

The first reaction of most people today, if they are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer, is abject FEAR. The first thing this accomplishes is that it weakens their immune system.

Then they are usually told that they must start chemo and must do it immediately or they will die a painful death soon. I am here to reassure you that treating cancer without chemo is a viable option.

The threat that chemo has to start immediately only serves to make a patient’s fear that much worse. The fear is actually used as a weapon, in some cases, to try to coerce them into doing the treatment. If they ask about any alternatives, they are told there are none that meet the standards of modern conventional medicine.

The truth of the matter is, these standards set the bar pretty low. In a study published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2004, “standard” chemotherapy for over 150,000 cancer patients, over a 14 year period, produced a 5 year survival rate of 2.1%. That means 98 out of 100 people were dead before 5 years after their date of diagnosis. I don’t know about you but to me that seems like a pretty awful rate of success. In fact, a recent study showed that people who are diagnosed with cancer and choose to go home and do nothing, have a better quality of life, and live longer, than people who choose conventional chemotherapy.

Fortunately, there are alternatives but you have to search for them yourself and you usually can’t rely on your doctor for help. They are not bad people, they are just brainwashed into thinking that there are no other valid treatment options than the ones they were taught in school and residency. Unfortunately, this “education” is all controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

We here at Reno Integrative Medical Center, are all about giving people a choice. Cancer without chemo can be a reality. Our treatments are based on a total of over 50 years of clinical experience by our staff and ongoing research . We are continuing the proud tradition of Dr. Douglas Brodie in providing therapies that are effective but also non-toxic. They work to strengthen the immune system and to attack the cancer cells. The treatments are based on compounds that have been shown to take advantage of the uniquely different metabolism of the more primitive mechanisms found in these cells, while not harming normal cells. Read through our website and see all the options that are available to you right now.

Post script: 12/3/13

USE 10% Chemo rather than full-dose

We use Chemotherapy at Reno Integrative intelligently.  We have found that there are times that Chemo is effective in treating certain kinds of cancer.

The beauty of our treatment is we only use 10% or less chemo drugs and have better results.  We do IPT therapy that is designed to target the cancer cells without damaging normal cells.  What a breakthrough in cancer therapy.  Conventional cancer treatment centers do not offer this option because insurance will not pay for it.

Integrative medical centers, such as ours, have been created so that we can offer our fellow humans a better way.