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Dendritic Cell Vaccine as a cancer treatment

By: admin
June 4, 2018
Using your own blood to create an immune boosting vaccine has become very popular these days in the treatment of cancer.   White Blood cells A sample of the patients’...

Biological response modifier for cancer treatment.

By: admin
May 8, 2018
It’s one thing to kill cancer cells, it’s another to strengthen and build the immune system at the same time. Enter the phrase, “Biological Response Modifier”. What does this mean?...

Dendritic Cell Vaccine immune therapy

By: admin
February 5, 2017
TRAINING YOUR OWN IMMUNE ARMY. It is amazing how powerful this therapy is. Using your own blood to create a vaccine that initiates a healing response.   Recruiting your...

Increasing T-cells to fight cancer

By: admin
October 17, 2015
T-cells are the body’s soldiers and guardians. When a patient’s immune system is weak T-cell counts are low.  It is important to build up T-cell numbers and aggressiveness. “Attack of...
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