Chelation Therapy

 Chelation therapy

Chelation therapy is divided in to two treatments:

  • Calcium EDTA: Chelation therapy that is  used for the removal of heavy metals from the body thereby improving metabolic function and blood flow through blocked arteries in the body.
  • Sodium EDTA: Chelation therapy used to improve circulation of the heart and brain. It actually pulls calcium out of the plaque material and dissolves it in the blood to be removed through the kidneys.


Remove toxic heavy metals
for regular cleansing

Heavy metals can cause a myriad of chronic disease symptoms that continue to drain the body of it’s vital force.

Symptoms of the nervous system and bone marrow are the most common.  These can be everything from headaches, confusion and dizziness to lowered red and white blood cell counts.

An excellent treatment for heart patients, heavy metal poisoning as well as an excellent therapy for alternative cancer treatment and cancer prevention.

  • It is an excellent way to cleanse after chemotherapy.
  • Helps to strip away protein layer on cancer cell so that T-cells can attack and kill them.

Chelation Therapy
“Challenge Test”

The “Challenge Test” is used to determine the current type and levels of these metals in the body.  It is performed by giving a dose of the chelating agent, then collecting the patient’s urine for the next 6 hours.  A sample of that urine is then sent to a lab for analysis.  The test only determines current levels and not how one got exposed.

The therapy can be oral or intravenous and consists of a dose of Calcium EDTA.

Intravenous treatment is more powerful and faster acting than oral for removal of these metals. This IV treatment takes no longer than 30 minutes to administer.

It is a chemical that has been proven to be safe for human treatment for detoxifying, or binding with, poisonous heavy metals in the body. Once bound, it turns them into forms that can be eliminated through the kidneys and the bowel.

Subsequent re-testing at regular intervals are used to determine if there is further need for more treatments.

Health Maintenance

health maintenance at Reno Integrative

Chelation therapy is commonly known as an excellent therapy to do for an annual health maintenance program.  Think of it as deep cleaning.

    • There has been a buzz in preventative health circles that toxic amalgams in the teeth should be removed to prevent heavy metals like mercury from entering the body.  If that is not an option for one reason or another, chelation can help with that dilemma.
    • Caution to the wise, too much chelation…..too fast, may be too much of a strain for compromised kidneys or liver. It is contraindicated in cases of TB, brain tumors and pregnancy. That is why it is wise to do under proper supervision.
    • Afterwards, the patient needs to supplement with minerals (such as magnesium, zinc & selenium) to replenish that which was lost in the chelation process.

Plaque X
Used for those with poor circulation due to plaque deposits

Plaque X helps to restore cell membrane integrity and cell membrane function which normalizes the cell metabolism. This in turn helps to clear out plaque deposits and improve the function of all organs, including liver and kidneys. It also improves the blood flow properties so blood can flow easily without the use of blood thinners. It also has an effect on important enzymes involved with blood lipids. Therefore reducing LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and increases HDL cholesterol.

This also helps diabetics improve the circulation in their feet.