Chi machine benefits are significant in our overall alternative cancer program. It is a passive exercise treatment used at Reno Integrative Medical Center.

“You don’t use it, you lose it.”     

Toxins are moved out of the body through movement. We’ve all heard the saying, “You don’t use it, you lose it”.

That couldn’t be more true than with a person who has been ill and lacks the strength and desire to do any exercise. 

This small but mighty machine does the work for you.  All you have to do is lay on your back and put your ankles on the foot bar.  With the push of a button, the bar swings side to side, to create motion that moves all the way up the body.  There are different speeds to produce different results. 

The objective of  chi machine therapy is to facilitate motion.  Motion moves lymph and helps to oxygenate cells of the body. 

Cancer and chronic disease is weakened in an oxygenated environment. All the more reason why it is so important to have a method to supplement oxygen.  A wonderful at-home protocol that is easy and affordable.

Chi machine therapy relieves aches, pains and stiffness enabling it’s user to be more comfortable and mobile. 

Three Point Treatment
for lymphatic drainage

At Reno Integrative,  we utilize a powerful combination of tools to create an optimal lymphatic drainage environment for our patients. 

We combine:

  1. far Infrared heat  
  2. chi machine motion 
  3. Rife technology (vibrational frequencies) to open up the body’s circulatory and lymph systems. 

This is a very important part of the overall healing process.  For those having IPT,  lymphatic drainage therapy is performed the day after to ensure the best possible support for toxins to be eliminated from the body. 

The Lymph System is Like a River

A good way to think of the importance of lymphatic drainage is to see the body’s lymph system as a series of waterways.  There are big rivers and small creeks.  All need to flow, all need to stay clear and clean. 

  • Swelling of tissue causes the lymph to flow slowly.
  • Dehydration causes the lymph to be thick and slows the flow.
  • Tension and stress causes tissues and vessels to constrict.  That causes the lymph to flow slowly and at times, be blocked.