Testimony of John P.

In March 2004, at the age of 56, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Tests showed I had a cancerous rectal tumor that doctors said had been growing for years. But the story begins earlier than this. Over the course of the previous 5 years, I had seen two family physicians on a regular basis. The first doctor, I had asked 3 times over 3 years if I should have one of those “tests” (colonscopy) seeing as I was over 50 and had heard everyone needed this if they were over 50. His answer was “No, your blood test looks good, you are fine.” In all of the years I was his patient, he never gave me a rectal exam of any kind. He was one BAD DOCTOR. Over that period of time, bleeding and itching symptoms slowly increased. The first doctor retired, thank God. So I searched for another doctor and was referred to Doctor Number 2. By this time, I had done some reading on my own and decided I had all of the symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome). It was an incorrect self diagnosis. On my very first visit with Doctor Number 2, I described my symptoms and told him I thought I had IBS. He prescribed Zelnorm, a drug prescribed for people with IBS and once again, never even bothered to give me an exam of any kind. He was a REALLY BAD DOCTOR. Of course, Zelnorm did not work so I went to Doctor Number 3. Fortunately, doctor Number 3 was a physician with a brain. He immediately arranged for me to have a colonoscopy and the result was not good news. I have always mistrusted doctors but was interested in alternative medicine and knew I must find a winner if I was to beat this. Thanks to my internet savvy wife, we found Reno Integrative Medical Center (GREAT DOCTORS!). Upon my first visit, it immediately became evident that they were actually searching for cures. In my opinion, the word CURE is not germane to conventional AMA pharmaceutical mind set. The doctors at RIMC think outside of the box. I did everything they said and through a combination of conventional medicine, non conventional medicine, and surgery, I was cancer free as of March 17th 2005. The doctors, nurses, and staff at RIMC are caring, sharing, loving, and competent professionals who make a positive difference in the lives of people with cancer and other diseases. Anyone who hears about RIMC should count themselves lucky! I now tell people that if you, someone you know, or someone you love gets sick, they need to get to Reno and see the folks at RIMC, they are different.

Testimony of Ron L.

I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in December 2003. I had surgical intervention in January 2004 with an ileostomy being done. I had seven of seventeen lymph nodes test positive and was labeled a stage 3 cancer patient. During this process my left kidney failed in an unrelated problem. After the surgery I was sent to a local oncologist for evaluation and treatment. I was told that my chances of survival were less than 50%. He treatments were to consist of chemotherapy “with drugs that were 20 years old, but it’s the best we have at the moment”, and with radiation. I was told that I needed to begin treatment immediately and that I would lose my left kidney and have the ileostomy until the treatments of chemotherapy and radiation were over in 10-11 months. I questioned the use of radiation as all blood work (0.8 CEA) and the PET scans showed no signs of cancer in other parts of my body. I questioned what the doctors were going to aim at with the radiation, and was informed that my entire pelvic area would be radiated as this was the typical protocol for treatment in California. My wife and myself questioned the use of radiation at this time and began a search of other acceptable treatment protocols. None were found in California. We had been told by numerous people of the success that Dr. Brodie had done with cancer patients at his clinic in Reno. We went to the clinic for information regarding the clinics approach and treatment protocols for the treatment of my specific cancer. We were given information and ideas that were not mentioned in any of our discussions with the doctors in California. After more research, my wife and myself felt that the approach and atmosphere of the Reno clinic was the only reasonable option. The decision was a good decision. We have found the entire personnel at the clinic to be friendly, personable and caring individuals. I never felt that I was just another patient being put through the system. The clinic prepared me for changing my eating habits and making me aware of what it took to have a good immune system to aid in the fight against the cancer cells. Numerous times during the course of my chemotherapy, the staff would go to a seminar for updates on new protocols for treatment. My treatments were modified on occasions as my status changed. My last chemotherapy treatment was in March 2005. In December 2005 I had tests and lab work done as follow-ups. All the results showed no signs of cancer. Without a doubt, I feel I made the right choice in being treated at Reno Integrative Medical Center. Ron L.

Testimony of Dorothy H.

In November 2004, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colo-rectal cancer. I had been seeing a doctor for the basil cell on my face. He first thought it was impetigo and put me on augmentin and prednisone twice. After he did a biopsy on it, he told me to make an appointment to have it removed. During this time I was seeing him for my physical and blood work, etc. I told him I was going through the change and things just didn’t seem right. He brushed it off as menopause. During this time I couldn’t sit normally. I had to sit on my right side. I thought I had pulled a muscle at work because I sat on the floor a lot with the toddlers I worked with for 17 ½ years. The doctor glanced at it and couldn’t see any swelling, redness or heat in that area. All along I felt fine. But then I noticed I had a hard time going to the bathroom and there was blood in my stool. I told my husband, “I think I have colon cancer”. That very next morning he called Reno Integrative Medical Center and made an appointment. That call saved my life. As it turned out, I was back in the doctor’s office to complete my physical, when the bump on my bottom ruptured. It definitely wasn’t a pulled muscle! I scheduled an appointment with a surgeon. The biopsy showed fourth stage colo-rectal cancer. The surgeon wanted me to do chemo and radiation before surgery. I said no thanks and went to Reno Integrative Medical Center. Now my road to recovery could begin. In December, I had my first consultation and started my treatments at RIMC. I found out that stress plays a big part in fighting cancer. I also found out that I was a Type C Personality. I don’t like to tell people “no”, I let people walk all over me, I try to please everyone, and I put everyone else first. But to help me on the road to recovery, I need to say “no”, stand up for myself, and I don’t have to please everyone, and yes, put myself first. (If I’m not well, how can I take care of those I love?) This is very hard for me to do even now, because old ways are hard to break. But I am trying. During my whole time at RIMC I never felt sick. I knew everything I was getting was building up my immune system to fight off the cancer. I went through treatment and then had the surgery. The surgeon told my husband that I had a year, or three at the most to live, but after he got the pathology report back, there was no sign of cancer anywhere. Not in the tumor, or the areas he had scoped. He had never had a case like mine! After the surgery I went back to RIMC to resume treatments for a few more weeks. I was so happy to be back. The doctors, nurses and staff are wonderful. They are loving, kind, encouraging, and treat everyone as if they are the only one there. The atmosphere is bright and cheery. You meet new friends and share with each other. It is a place where you can even laugh about the cancer because there is hope. It’s not a scary place, but one that brings peace, and the treatments aren’t painful. The whole staff has a positive cheerful attitude. There is a lot of laughter too, which one needs during this time. I know the reason I bounced back so fast is because I chose not to do chemo or radiation. If you find out you have cancer, please, I beg you to go to RIMC and talk to the doctors before you decide to do the traditional method. The doctors are up front and honest and will let you know what is best for you. I can’t say enough for the center. They saved my life. I should be home with the Lord, but He used that treatment to spare me for a little longer. Thanks to my family who supported me during treatments and to the staff for your dedication and hope you gave me and my family. There is an answer and alternative to fighting cancer – one that offers hope and healing, and one that makes sense. Thank you again for all that you did for me and the many others. Dorothy  

After a colonoscopy in June of 2013, I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor(colo-rectal cancer). I had surgery and then visited a oncologist who recommended a twenty eight day regime of radiation and chemo followed by another surgery and at least a temporary ileostomy.

I chose instead to go to Reno Integrative because my young grandson had been cured of thyroid cancer. Since my treatments in August my reports are very positive. I am confident I will be cancer free in the near future.

Whatever happened to the HIPPOCRATIC OATH “first do no harm”? I thank God for Dr. Eslinger and his excellent staff. William (Mr. Bill) R