The most common reaction after being diagnosed and receiving a colon cancer prognosis (educated guess) is abject fear!  This is because many people have seen (or at least heard) about the bad “side effects” of the chemo and radiation used in conventional colon cancer treatment.

Colon Cancer Prognosis and  
Alternative Cancer Treatment

It is also extremely common for patients to be told that there is no alternative to the conventional triad of chemo, radiation and surgery.  That is absolutely UNTRUE!  Alternative cancer treatment offers many scientifically based therapies to chose from.

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The fact is, there are many therapies used here and in other parts of the world that have been found to be very effective at eliminating the cancer without harming the normal cells when you are given a colon cancer prognosis.

Cancer cells use an abnormal mechanism for producing the energy they need to grow and prosper.  They burn sugar without using oxygen (anaerobic metabolism).  This was discovered and proven over 80 years ago by a German physician/scientist named Otto Warburg.

You may have heard “cancer loves sugar”.  This is because anaerobic metabolism requires 18 times more sugar than normal cells in order to grow and prosper.  We consider this a weakness and we exploit it to kill the cancer cells without harming normal cells.

cancer requires sugar

Therapies That Eliminate Cancer Cells Without Harming Normal Cells

The therapy we use to accomplish this has been around since the 1920’s and was discovered in Mexico.  It is called Insulin Potentiated Therapy or IPT.

We use IV insulin to drop the blood sugar to a point where the cancer cells are literally starving for sugar.  We then administer some sugar that is mixed with various compounds that can kill the cancer cells without harming normal cells, while also returning the blood sugar to normal levels.  There are times when we use conventional chemo drugs but we only administer 10% of the full dose.

This is even more effective than full dose chemo because it targets the cancer cells like a laser guided bomb.  That means 90% less “bad” effects.

We also use a compound called Salicinium.  This is a “fake sugar” in the sense that it has a sugar molecule at one end and a benzaldehyde molecule at the other.  It will only absorb into anaerobic (cancer) cells and when it does, the sugar molecule is split off by a special enzyme.  The benzaldehyde part then enters into the energy production cycle of the cell and shuts it down.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) is another method we use for stimulating the immune system and killing cancer cells.  This therapy was developed in the United States in the 1920’s and is recognized by the FDA. 

A sample of blood is withdrawn from the patient and diluted into a bag of sterile saline (salt water) solution.  That mixture is then run through a quartz glass tube inside a chamber surrounded by ultraviolet lights.  This has been shown to have a lasting effect of stimulating the immune system and killing cancer cells.

When a normal cell switches over into anaerobic metabolism (cancer) it immediately starts producing an enzyme called nagalase.  This enzyme effectively “cloaks” the tumor cells so even a strong immune system cannot detect its presence.  We use an immune stimulating compound (originally discovered and researched in the United States) called GcMAF(macrophage activating factor) to “de-cloak” the cancer cells and allow the immune cells to attack them.

We also have a way to concentrate the patients’ own T-lymphocytes and then specifically activating them to attack the tumor; Dendritic Cell Therapy.

The combination of these treatments creates a very powerful way to improve the colon cancer prognosis and the outcome without harming the patient.

Cancer Boot Camp

Our signature program for a more intensive treatment program is called Boot Camp. We offer a variety of options for 2,3 or 4 weeks, depending on severity of prognosis. Click to read more.

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