Dendritic Cell Vaccine

Dendritic Cell Vaccine therapy offers a new promising immunotherapeutic approach for treatment of advanced cancer, as well as for secondary prevention of cancer.

“Attack of the T-Cells”

The immune system attacks things it recognizes as foreign and abnormal. This recognition involves binding to very specific molecular sequences called “antigens”. These compounds, on the surface of the foreign (tumor) cells, stimulate what are called cytotoxic T-cells.  These T-cells bind to the cancer cells and inject cytokines which kill the abnormal cell.

T-cells are the body’s soldiers and guardians. When a patient’s immune system is weak, T-cell counts are low.  It is important to build up T-cell numbers and aggressiveness.

A sample of the patients’ blood is drawn. The white blood cells (including the T-cells) are concentrated and harvested from the blood.  Once subjected to a proprietary process they are injected back into the patient.  This activates the T-cells in such a way that they become aggressive cancer killers

Dendritic Cell Vaccine
Trains your army

Healthy cells communicating new information to other cells.

Not only will these cells kill any cells displaying the antigen they recognize, but they will also multiply and pass on this information to other T-cells in the body.

This type of Dendritic cell vaccine is used to treat a variety of malignancies such as: pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, leukemia, multiple myeloma, colon cancer and ovarian cancer, to name a few.


Building Your Army

It’s one thing to kill cancer cells, it’s another to strengthen and build the immune system at the same time.  At Reno Integrative Medical Center we offer a wide variety of choices in treatment programs to encompass this two-fold goal.  Expose and eliminate abnormal cells while boosting & strengthening the army of immune cells.

Expose and Eliminate Therapies

Boosting and Strengthening Therapies

“Biological response modifiers”  is what this category of biological medicine is about.  It is designed to increase the sensitivity and strength of the immune system as well as other systems of the body. This could be thought of as a “Wake-up call” to the body.

There are times when the immune system can be fooled by the  disease. It may not even know it is present in the body. This alternative cancer therapy re-stimulates those areas that have gone dormant and calls attention to the disease. This is a natural way to allow your own body to expose and eliminate that which is preying upon it.