Dr. Bob’s new book, “Outmaneuver Cancer”, An Integrative Doctor’s Journey

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Dr. Bob’s new book, “Outmaneuver Cancer”, An Integrative Doctor’s Journey


“Outmaneuver Cancer” offers fascinating insights into the field of integrative cancer treatment from the viewpoint of a practicing physician in the field, Dr. Robert A. Eslinger. He is certified in Family Practice, Osteopathic Manipulation, and a Fellow of the AAIM – American Association of Integrative Medicine. He’s also a Founding Member of the IOICP – International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians. He specializes in cancer and chronic disease, and is referred to as an integrative cancer doctor. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in California, Idaho and Nevada, and is the owner and Medical Director of Reno Integrative Medical Center (RIMC) in Reno, Nevada. His present focus is on a specialty in the field known as Biological Medicine, which combines classical treatments with modern science and technology. This book contains descriptions of cutting-edge integrative therapies, the benefits of a Ketogenic Diet, and a wealth of helpful information and resources for patients as well as caregivers. A three-week long Boot Camp is offered at Dr. Eslinger’s Medical Center where patients receive integrative treatment, and education on how to proactively maintain a healthier lifestyle. These concepts along with a detailed explanation of the various therapies are contained in “Outmaneuver Cancer.” No matter where in the world you live, much can be learned by reading this wonderful book. Frankly refreshing, Dr. Bob successfully endeavors to set the record straight about the many benefits of integrative cancer treatment. If you’re willing to believe that no type or stage of cancer is hopeless, no matter what other medical practitioners may have told you, read this book. It will instill a new sense of optimism while offering sound, scientific evidence that integrative cancer treatment works!

Book available through Book Baby, Amazon  books or call Reno Integrative Medical Center at 775 829-1009 to order a signed copy.


Dr. Eslinger at Reno Integrative Medical Center, Reno, Nevada

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