Emotions and how they can affect organs in the body

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Emotions and how they can affect organs in the body

How emotions affect our organs and health

Can emotions affect our organs?

Through my many years of working with patients on not only the physical level but emotional as well, I have realized healing has deep roots in to the human psyche.

Negative emotions from severe experiences in life can ultimately lead to disease. The reason they can be so difficult to connect with any specific disease is that they are experienced uniquely by each person based on their emotional makeup to begin with.

The bottom line is emotions create their own magnetic fields. The current understanding of the mind-body shows how the mind can affect the body in many different ways

Liver and Anger

In Chinese medicine, each organ is associated with different emotions. For example, anger is associated (and “stored”) with the liver. 

I had a recent interesting interaction with a patient who had a liver transplant. When I explained this concept of organs storing emotions to the patient and asked, “If he expressed any increased or change in anger around the time after his transplant?”, the answer was eye opening.

His wife said he was angry at everyone and everything after the surgery. This was not his prior demeanor. The identity of the donor was unknown. He gradually improved but isn’t it interesting to see the connection. No one has ever mentioned this concept to them before and they were astounded to consider the possibility that the donor’s anger could have come through with the transplanted liver.

Pancreas and inheritance

When I explained this concept of emotions and organs to another patient, I gave an example of how pancreatic cancer is associated with what we call a “frustrated entitlement” and many times has to do with family inheritance issues. 

He almost fell out of his chair and proceeded to describe to me how his sister had just died of pancreatic cancer and they had had a court battle (which she lost) over their mother’s wedding/engagement rings when she died a few years earlier.

Yet one more powerful example of how strong emotions can have deleterious ramifications on the physical body.

Humans are very complex and the “layers” that we build up

throughout our lives can help us cope but they can also contribute to the loss of health.


Many different therapies exist to help people uncover and deal with these emotional issues. It all starts with paying attention to them as potential contributors to disease.

I use the ZYTO to uncover and help to reduce emotional imbalances.

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