GcMAF: A new therapy used in the treatment of cancer

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GcMAF: A new therapy used in the treatment of cancer

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GcMAF cancer therapy

The MAF in GcMAF stands for Macrophage Activating Factor .

Gc stands for the type of protein molecule.

GcMAF is created in the body by the release of two sugar molecules from a GcProtein molecule.

WHY is this important?

Macrophage cells are a specific type of white blood cell whose job it is to kill cancer cells.

Tumor cells release an enzyme known as Nagalase.  Nagalase degrades GCProtein to the point it is unable to become GcMAF. This is a problem because it inhibits the effectiveness of the body to fight cancer.

Since GcMAF only lives for about a week in the body, without continuous conversion of GcProtein, the stores of GcMAF are depleted rapidly in the presence of the enzyme Nagalase.  However, Nagalase can only destroy GcProtein and not GcMAF.

What does this mean?

It means that the body cannot make its’ own GcMAF. Thus, the introduction of external GcMAF through injection into the body has been shown to be effective. This keeps the Macrophage cell activity against the cancer cells optimal.

At Reno Integrative Medical Center, we utilize a blood test that can monitor the level of Nagalase in the body.  This is helpful to evaluate success of treatment.

This therapy has also demonstrated that it inhibits cancer cell induced angiogenesis (development of new blood vessels), thus depriving the tumor cell mass of the blood, oxygen and nutrient supply that it needs to grow and metastasize.
Dr. Eslinger  

Dr. Eslinger at Reno Integrative Medical Center

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