HAM stem cell therapy is an affordable and non-invasive source of stem cells being used for joint rejuvenation injections as well as total body rejuvenation IV therapy.

HAMstands for Human Amniotic Membrane.

  • This tissue is derived from the inner lining of the placenta. After the placenta is delivered, the amnion is mechanically separated from the rest of the placenta and washed several times.
  • Next: the amnion is enzymatically digested to break the bonds holding the desired (stem) cells from the membrane.  
  • Lastly: the stem cells are then collected after isolating them from the remainder of the fluid by centrifugation. 

This tissue is highly abundant and readily available since it is usually discarded after the birth of the baby.

The cells that we use to treat patients at Reno Integrative Medical Center are obtained from a company in the United States. They get the cells, with the full consent of healthy mothers, who deliver healthy babies.

HAM stem cell therapy advantages

There are some considerable advantages to using HAM that make it attractive for use in the field of regenerative medicine. 

  • It has a low incidence of triggering an immune response or rejection.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • They are multipotent.
  • They are obtained “ethically”,  without sacrifice of human embryos. 
  • If cost is a consideration, HAM stem cell therapy (Amniotic stem cells) are less expensive than Umbilical cord stem cells but still offer many of the same benefits. 

What does Pluripotent mean?

These are immature stem cells that have the ability to turn into any cell in the body.

Because they are so young, even though they come from another body, they do not trigger any allergic reaction or rejection.

How are HAM stem cells

These stem cells are used to help regenerate and heal joints. The growth factor profile of amnion fluid is more consistent and is not as severely affected by donor-based biological variability. 

Another consideration to using HAM stem cells over PRP is age. The reason for this is that as we get older, our platelets contain less and less growth factors. Growth factors are the components that trigger the growth and healing in a damaged joint or tissue.

  • The HAM stem cells are injected directly into the abnormal tissue. An example would be to inject it into a knee that is suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis, which is a condition that results from the breakdown of healthy cartilage due to “wear and tear”.  The stem cells can help regenerate the cartilage in the joint. No blood draw (and processing) is required for amnion-derived fluid injection as apposed to PRP.

*Stem cell therapies are only available to people who do not have cancer. The reason is, the last thing you want to give a cancer patient is external growth factors.

However, PRP is available for ALL patients: Cancer and non-cancer. It is the least expensive treatment for degenerative joints or tissue repair.