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Health care choices are vast and varied in this world of modern healthcare. Determining your health care treatment program involves a series of choices, hopefully well thought out and educated.

At Reno Integrative Medical Center we feel it is every person’s right to decide for themselves what is best for their body. Our freedom to make such choices in this society has often been hijacked.

One way we see this demonstrated is through the over-loaded bureaucracy of insurance companies. More often than not, an untrained insurance representative , on the other side of the phone, is making decisions vital to your care which basically hand ties conventional physicians to a very restricted treatment protocol. We call this "Cookie Cutter" medicine, where everyone gets treated the same way. Not exactly what we deserve in making free and open health care choices. For example: A certain prescription, which your physician has prescribed, is turned down due to cost. More compassionate, less intrusive treatments are unacceptable and not covered under most policies while surgery and toxic chemical protocols are somehow considered more acceptable. These are but a few samplings of the abuses occurring at the expense of the patient.

As long as we allow big business to dictate our health care choices, you can rest assured it will be to the advantage of the financial bottom line before it takes people in to “Individual” consideration.

There is a time and a place for conventional medicine and we are the first to be grateful for it BUT we do not believe that chemotherapy and radiation is necessarily the only road to recovery. These are the only options afforded to the majority of individuals. It is often a very intimidating experience for the patient. An air of powerlessness to seek other options is often the end result. If the decision to do chemotherapy is made, look in to IPT therapy as an avenue to deliver it in a tenth of the dosage. This method isolates the treatment to the cancer rather than to the entire body.

We are all about the freedom to make your own health care choices. However, that freedom comes at a cost. We do not accept insurance because we do not want to be tied to their restrictions. Those with health savings accounts have the freedom to choose what care they desire and we are advocates of that route. We endeavor to keep our costs down while at the same time providing you with OPTIONS. We see the human body differently than most. It is a highly intricate metabolic machine that has the power and ability to heal when it is brought back in to balance. Illness and disease manifests itself when imbalance occurs. Every person is an individual with their own set of unique experiences, bio-chemical reactions and stressors. We are all unique yet the same. We all require oxygen to breathe and fuel to sustain us, yet how those factors are assimilated is what makes each and every one of us so complicated and different.

"What works for one will work for the other", has become the common medical insurance treatise. We are far more advanced than that simple assumption. Many factors need to be looked at before coming to any medical treatment decision. Disease and dysfunction does not happen overnight. Causation has many tentacles. A quick 5-15 minute visit to your local clinic cannot uncover the cause.

We are all about treating our patients as individuals. We take whatever time is required to unravel each medical story to come up with solutions. We value a person’s right to make an educated, non-intimidated choice. We have committed ourselves to that often over looked and abused freedom in our society today. Health care choices is a huge right of each individual to be able to decide what they will or will not allow in their bodies.

Even though we are an out-patient clinic, a physician is as close as the phone 24/7. We are compassionate to the “ups” and “downs” that are often associated with the road back to stable health. If “caring” is a vital factor to your healing then RIMC is a prime candidate for your care giver.

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