Healthy Fats

Why do we say, "healthy fats" and how is that related to cancer and other degenerative diseases?

Read the following article written by, Dr. Eslinger, and you will see why the subject of fats is so crucial to our modern day diet and health.

Every one of our 100 trillion cells is surrounded by a membrane. This cell membrane is composed of half protein and half fat. The fat component is composed of a very precise ratio of two different kinds of fats. You may have heard of Omega6 and Omega3 fatty acids. We need both of them to be healthy fats. One major function of these healthy fats in the proper ratio is to help the cells absorb oxygen. These essential fatty acids (EFA’s) work like tiny magnets drawing oxygen into all cells, tissues and organs.

In the 1930’s, Dr. Otto Warburg proved that just a 35% decrease in the oxygen level in a tissue can trigger what is called "anaerobic metabolism"…cancer!

The "essential" in the EFA’s means that our body cannot manufacture these fats. They must be consumed daily in our diet. And, they must be consumed as unprocessed “parent” omega 6&3 in the proper ratio. Where do you get these? They are obtained by consuming supplements or natural foods like grass fed beef, organic lamb or chicken, fish, and raw unprocessed seeds and nuts or their oils, eggs and dairy products. Cooking and processing ruins EFA’s. Most people prefer their meats cooked so it is best to take an oil supplement with the proper uncooked oils in it.

EFA’s also perform a multitude of other biochemical functions. Every thing from providing the building blocks of the endocrine system (all of your hormones) , brain and heart health, controlling appetite and increasing endurance.

The proper ratio of the EFA’s is one to two parts Omega 6 to one part Omega3. This may surprise some people, especially some nutritionists, because they have been taught that we get enough Omega 6’s in the standard American diet (the “SAD” diet) and we should only supplement Omega3’s. Let me explain why that is incorrect. The research in this area simply does not prove that idea. First of all, most of the fats consumed in the “SAD” diet are highly processed and/or cooked which, as previously mentioned, destroys EFA’s. There is very little unprocessed parent oil (Omega 6 or 3) in the "SAD" diet. In addition, processing produces the biggest deadly enemy of healthy cell membranes…TRANS FATS! These are “fake” fats that are one molecule away from being plastic. They get deposited in the cell membrane and do not allow any oxygen to get through. This is great for shelf life but terrible for real life!

HEMP oil, sold in health food stores, is a great example of a fat that has a good balance of omega 3 and 6.  

MCT is also a popular oil. Easy does it at first as many people are sensitive to it and may have a laxative effect.

Fish oil is strongly NOT recommended, regardless of claims, because it is highly excessive in parent Omega 3 derivatives. This will be explained further. Canola and soy oil are also strongly NOT recommended. These were never designed for human consumption. 

Benefits of coconut oil

The particular benefits of consuming coconut oil on a regular basis are being revealed by current research.  Long revealed as a dangerous saturated fat, coconut oil is revealing itself to be an extremely beneficial fat to include in one’s diet.
Coconut oil is composed of what is called medium chain triglycerides or MCT’s.  The body always burns these kinds of fats for energy and never deposits them in fat cells.  In fact, the burning of them for energy actually helps the body burn excess fat cells in the process.

Coconut oil also pushes the body into producing ketones which have been shown to help fight/prevent cancer.  Maintaining a low normal blood sugar and generating ketones has been proven, by a former Yale researcher, to produce a very inhospitable environment for cancer cells.  He was able to cure brain tumors in mice purely by feeding them a diet that stimulated ketone formation.  Normal function is maintained in the brain because it can burn ketones for energy while the cancer cannot.

In addition to that, coconut oil contains a compound called monolaurin which has been shown to have an anti-viral effect.

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