Heavy Metal Testing

Heavy metal testing is a very valuable tool. These toxic metals can cause a myriad of chronic disease symptoms that continuously drain the body of it’s’ vital force. They are particularly hard on the nervous and immune systems.

The problem with high levels of metal saturation is there is no natural process in place to remove them from the body once they find their way in. Their effects are what are called, “cumulative”. In other words, a tiny dose (in drinking water, food, air, etc.) over a long period of time will eventually cause problems unless they are removed by a therapy called chelation.

Chelation therapy can be oral or intravenous and consists of a dose of Calcium EDTA. It is a chemical that has been proven to be safe for human treatment for detoxifying, or binding with, poisonous heavy metals in the body. Once bound, it turns them in to forms that can be eliminated through the kidneys and bowel.

The test we do to determine which metals are present is called an “EDTA challenge test”. It is actually an intravenous chelation treatment that doesn’t take more than 30 minutes in the office. Urine is then collected by the patient for the next 12 hours. A sample of that quantity is then sent off to a lab for analysis. The results of this test will show which metals are out of normal range. It does not say how you got them however. Most likely, as we stated before, it can be an accumulative process.

After a series of treatments have been done, the test is repeated to check the progress.

Heavy Metal Testing
for good health maintenance

Many people do this on an annual basis to keep their health in check. It is a very affordable way to protect the body from unseen chronic damage.

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