Hyperthermia and Biomat

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Hyperthermia and Biomat

Different therapies we use and why
Hyperthermia and the Biomat

What is the Biomat and why do we use it in our cancer treatment protocol?

The Biomat is literally a mat that lies on a massage table and it is composed of a series of channels that are filled with amethyst crystals.

Because cancer does not like heat, we use this mat to deliver heat to inside the body.
This is accomplished by heating the amethyst crystals with a flexible conductive heating plate originally developed for NASA to safely warm space stations and other space vehicles. There is no heating coil or what is called a point source of heat.

This process can transfer much more heat deep into the body than a heating pad.

These heated amethyst crystals radiate a FIR (far infrared) heat wave that can penetrate up to seven inches into the body. While laying on the mat a second smaller mat is put on top so the heat waves can penetrate fully through the body.

The heat transfer is radiant not conductive so it is distributed throughout the body rather than just the skin. This has great therapeutic value.

Example of how heat affects cancer

If you put a heating pad or a hot water bottle on your skin, after about 10 min when you remove the heat, the skin will be bright pink. That is because the capillaries dilate to try to carry away the excess heat. The cancer cells do not have a mechanism for transporting away excess heat and eventually it builds to a point where cancer cells start dying.

The Biomat also provides EMF protection.

The Biomat is used on conjunction with other modalities in our Detox and Energize treatment protocol.

Low Dose Partial Chemo-Why use it?

There already exists a specialized way of administering low dose partial chemo to attack cancer cells in an intelligent way without causing the severe side effects of full dose chemo.

It is called IPT (Insulin Potentiated Therapy).

With all the talk that Dr. Eslinger says about using “free radicals to kill cancer cells”, it is interesting to note that this fact that “free radicals are deadly to cancer cells”, was known 70 years ago.

The early chemo drugs, (which are still on the market), were specifically designed to create free radicals.

The problem with full dose chemo, as most people are aware, is that it is very destructive to the immune and the digestive systems as well as the cancer cells.

In the 1920’s IPT was developed in Mexico. By dropping the blood sugar using insulin, the cancer cells become desperate for sugar long before the normal cells. At that point a low dose of chemo is administered, after mixing it with a small dose of sugar.

The cancer is so in need of sugar that it doesn’t care what comes with it. By sucking up the sugar it also gets a much more concentrated dose of the chemo with it. This is far more efficient in isolating the chemo to the cancer cell than if the drugs were administered non-selectively by themselves.

Some people have asked Dr. Eslinger, “why use chemo drugs at all, if they are toxic?”.

Dr. Eslinger’s response:

” In 2006 I tried eliminating the use of all chemo’s from our treatments. Our success rate for all cancers decreased. When I started using the chemo’s again, our success rate went back up.”

We administer IPT 2 times per week for the duration of Boot Camp and then 2 times per week at each 3 or 5 day return visit after Boot Camp.

It is a very important part of our treatment program.

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