Immune Boosting
Pre and Post op

Pre and post op immune boosting is a very smart idea for anyone planning surgery in the near future or coming out of surgery and wanting to detox as well as nourish the body for a speedier recovery.

Many patients, who decide to do surgery, know that their recovery will be swifter if they boost their immune system both prior to and after their surgery. A favorite would be High dose vitamin C therapy which speeds the healing of scar tissue. Another would be UBI which helps to prevent infection.

We are here to offer that service to you. The first step is to make an appointment for an intial evaluation with Dr. Eslinger. This establishes you as a patient and allows the two of you to discuss your situation and come up with an immune boosting protocol.

Chelation therapy is used to eliminate toxic metals from the body.  It is always surprising to see how high the levels are in most people. Heavy metals play havoc with the body's ability to function. They enter our bodies throughout our lives in many ways; the environment, chemicals in foods & products we ingest as well as external items such as paints, fertilizers, exhaust,  etc. Chelation can be done both orally and through IV.

Oxidative therapy is also an excellent therapy to help isolate and treat abnormal cells while not destroying normal ones.

We use these therapies in conjunction with a multi-faceted integrative protocol to ultimately defeat cancer and many chronic infections (Hepatitis C, Lyme disease, etc.). 

Vitamin and mineral supplementation is also a key factor in enhancing the body's T cells and homeostasis.  Much of the food we buy and ingest is deficient in essential body building factors. Our Zyto communicates directly with the patient’s autonomic nervous system through electrical impulses. This allows us to create individualized homeopathic remedies to address the patients unique needs.

In addition to addressing the cancer cells, Dr. Eslinger has also instituted NES scanning on all his patients.  He understands the importance that clearing energy blockages in the human body field has on the overall healing experience.

There are ways to increase the body's voltage through TENS unit and Aqua Chi therapies.

Detoxing is also an important facet to creating a complete immune boosting program.  We offer a combination of rife lymphatic drainage, combined with bio-mat, chi-machine and raindrop therapies.

Special Immune boosting and Detox packages

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Immune Boosting Package

B-comp w/ 50 g C


B-12 w/folic acid

UVBI w/ Ozone

Lymphatic drainage

Detox Package

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Chelation (sodium EDTA)

UVBI w/ozone

Lymphatic drainage

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