Immune Boosting

Immune boosting is part of repair during and after illness. It is also key to wellness. We offer several therapies at Reno Integrative Medical Center that address immune boosting.

Many patients, who decide to do surgery, know that their recovery will be swifter if they boost their immune system both prior to and after their surgery. A favorite would be;

  •  High dose vitamin C therapy which speeds the healing of scar tissue.
  •  UBI which helps to prevent infection and acts to clean the blood.
  • Chelation therapy is used to eliminate toxic metals from the body.  It is always surprising to see how high the levels are in most people. Heavy metals play havoc with the body’s ability to function. They enter our bodies throughout our lives in many ways; the environment, chemicals in foods & products we ingest as well as external items such as paints, fertilizers, exhaust,  etc. Chelation can be done both orally and through IV.
  • Oxidative therapy is also an excellent therapy to help isolate and treat abnormal cells while not destroying normal ones.

We use these therapies in conjunction with a multi-faceted integrative protocol to ultimately defeat cancer and many chronic infections (Hepatitis C, Lyme disease, etc.). 

Vitamin and mineral supplementation is also a key factor in enhancing the body’s T cells and homeostasis.  Much of the food we buy and ingest is deficient in essential body building factors. 

Detoxing is also an important facet to creating a complete immune boosting program.  We offer a combination of rife lymphatic drainage, combined with bio-mat, chi-machine, aqua chi and raindrop therapies.

Magic Bullet Wellness IV

We are all in search of that magic bullet we can take to avoid getting sick, and/or getting over being sick. Our proprietary immune boosting formula has helped many of our patients prevent progressive illness at the first sign of symptoms. Intravenous therapies bypass digestion, allowing the body to utilize the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients more quickly and effectively. If you are like us and don’t want or have the time to get sick, let us help you with a Wellness IV. This IV invigorates the immune system with vitamins, minerals and amino acids and also provides hydration.

As the saying goes:

“When “I” is replaced with “we,” even illness becomes wellness.”

If you typically have a clean bill of health, and just want to knock out a common cold or seasonal allergy, we can help. Call us to schedule. First time includes a short appointment with Dr. Eslinger. 775 829-1009

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