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Knowledge is Power

Last month we focused on sharing therapies that are not known in the conventional medical world. To be clear, we acknowledge there is a time and a place for both conventional and alternative approaches to meet.

As an Integrative clinic, we blend the two fields when appropriate. Why not use ALL options that are available? Dr. Eslinger has practiced for over 40 years as a Family Practice D.O. as well as a specialist in integrative/alternative cancer and chronic disease treatments.

Last month we explained how B-17 works as a cancer therapy along with the power of Dendritic Cell Vaccine to increase the T-cell immunity naturally using a patients’ own blood.

February 2021 Newsletter If you would like to re-read the February newsletter, here is the link.

This month we will highlight two more hard to come by therapies available at our clinic that treat cancer metabolically.

“Modifying the Environment”

with High Dose UVBI and OZONE

We treat cancer from a metabolic perspective. What does that mean? One has to take into consideration what cancer requires to thrive and survive. In this particular case, Modifying the Environment addresses the issue of cancer being anaerobic or non oxygen dependent. It utilizes sugar for fuel without the use of oxygen.

High dose UVBI or Ultraviolet blood irradiation with ozone take 400 cc’s of a patients’ blood and exposes it to ultra-violet light and ozone before returning it to the body. This high influx of oxygen causes stress to the cancer cell because it does not have the ability to deal with the free-radical storm created by this process. Normal cells can withstand this treatment because they possess, within their metabolic make-up, the ability to produce anti-oxidants.

This treatment takes an hour 1/2 from start to finish.

High dose UVBI with Ozone
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Targeting Cancer Cells

“Targeting” Cancer by Modifying the Environment with IPT Therapy

We can all relate to the concept of “diet” in our daily routine of needing nourishment for our bodies to metabolize food into fuel. Right?

We need to look at cancer in the same way. It requires 18 times more sugar on a moment to moment basis to survive than normal cells. This can be a huge weakness for cancer when you realize it will die in seconds if it is deprived of this nourishment.

IPT (Insulin Potentiated Therapy) was designed to use this weakness against cancer. By lowering a patients’ blood sugar, we cause the cancer cells to start to panic, They open up all their receptor sites to better absorb any and all sugar entering the blood. At this most vulnerable point, a small dose of sugar is given intravenously along with compounds which are deadly to the cancer cells. They, of course, desperately consume this cocktail to their ultimate demise.

Cancer requires sugar
IPT Therapy
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