Liver Cancer Prognosis

Receiving a liver cancer prognosis can be a very scary thing.  It is unusual to get a primary cancer in the liver.  Far more frequently, a cancer from another part of the body spreads to the liver.  Either way, there is a cancer growing in the liver that must be dealt with.

There ARE Options

The first thing is to not let fear overwhelm you.  You do have choices, far beyond the conventional trio of radiation, chemo and surgery. Alternative cancer treatment has many options to chose from.  

Emotional Level

Fear itself will suppress the immune system and make it harder to heal from anything.

Dr. Gerhard Hamer, a German physician, says that liver cancer is due to a severe, unexpected conflict/shock involving a threat to your source of sustenance.  This could mean a severe sudden loss of income, home, emotional support, etc... This is just theory but interesting to take a look at in your own life.  If this fits, it is a good thing to come to peace with it.

Physical Level

When cells become cancerous, they start burning sugar without using oxygen.  At the moment that happens, they turn off the “energy furnaces” in the cell.  They are called mitochondria and all normal cells contain a DNA program in them that tells the cell to die if they are damaged or become abnormal.  This program gets turned off when the cell becomes cancerous.

A compound called DCA (dichloroacetate), administered orally, reactivates the “self-destruct” program and tells the cancer cells to commit suicide.  We use this formula in the setting of a powerful protocol of therapies that is capable of eliminating the cancer without harming the patient.

The alternative cancer treatment protocol could include:

Every cancer and every patient is different.
There is no cookie cutter program that fits everyone.

Liver Cancer Prognosis
and Time

Liver cancer patients can be more complicated to treat.  This is because of the essential role the liver plays in processing the incoming nutrition for the body to utilize.  That level of dysfunction, can make the patient more prone to protein depletion (causing ankle and leg swelling and fluid in the lungs), poor appetite, electrolyte imbalances and other results of poor nutrition.

Because of these challenges,  we urge patients with all kinds of cancer, but especially one with a liver cancer prognosis, to get in to us as early as possible.  The outcome can be far more favorable if the patient has not already suffered the damage that can be done by conventional chemo and radiation therapy. 

Cancer Tests

both the Nagalase and Oncoblot tests are being used at Reno Integrative medical center.  They are invaluable for defining the cancer as well as monitoring its decline during treatment.

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