Testimony of Joe L. Lung and pancreatic cancer.

I was diagnosed with lung and pancreatic cancer. I went to a healing service a few days later, and was healed of the pancreatic cancer.

Although I hated the idea, I was pressured into having a biopsy, which confirmed that the lung cancer remained.

After praying about what I should do, I consulted a doctor in Indiana. After extensive research, he referred me to the Reno Integrative Medical Center. For three weeks, I was treated for cancer, taught what to eat and what not to eat. I went home and made some major lifestyle changes. I returned to Reno later for additional treatments and training.

I learned to monitor and build my body’s immune systemto maintain lasting health. I have also learned to handle stress in a more productive way. Today, I am free of cancer, without the trauma of chemotherapy or radiation.

My energy and stamina have returned to that of a 40 year old man, (not bad for a 71 year old!) Reno Integrative Medical Center combined the best of God’s natural remedies with solid science to restore me to optimal health. Without reservation, I highly recommend RIMC for anyone who wants to be free of cancer and live life to the fullest!