Please note; During this time, we will still be scheduling one hour Medical Records Reviews with Dr. Eslinger over the phone for a $250.00 fee, which will be applied to your initial appointment.  This will help our patients decide if this is the treatment they want to pursue. Our patient liaison will contact you after the Medical records review to go over costs and scheduling.

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Reno Integrative Medical Center offers a medical records evaluation for those that desire to speak with Dr. Eslinger about specific questions regarding our therapies. Many, who live far away, choose this option as a first step before deciding to come to our clinic.

This service offers an evaluation of your medical records. Upon doing so, Dr. Eslinger will offer a recommendation and/or opinion as to whether he feels our therapies could be of benefit.

This, of course, does not replace our more thorough initial evaluation program , nor does it establish someone as a patient but it can offer direction for those researching options. Therapies

The fee for this service is $250 for a one hour private phone consult with Dr. Eslinger.

  • If the patient decides to sign up for our cancer boot camp the $250 fee is credited towards their treatment.
  • A $100 deposit will be required to secure your appointment and will be used toward the appointment fee.
  • We ask for a minimum of 3 business day notice to cancel.

Cancellation policy:

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Why a Medical Records Evaluation?

We have many calls during the day, from potential patients, asking for more specific information that is best to be answered by our doctor. We recommend reading through our website to better educate potential patients on what we offer. Videos are provided to better explain and provide additional help in understanding various treatments.

We also provide a form, at the bottom of each webpage, for people to send specific questions. These are answered in a timely manner by our liaison services staff.

If you desire more, you can call and schedule a medical records evaluation with Dr. Eslinger. This allows a more personal conversation to take place. Often times, this is just what the potential patient needs to help give direction on what to do or where to go next.

Call: 775 829-1009 to schedule and arrange sending medical records in plenty of time before your appointment.

From Medical Records Evaluation back to New Patients

We provide a questionnaire form below should you have specific questions. Our website is full of great information and we encourage you to read and learn as much as possible.

Our liaison services staff will respond to your inquiry.

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Please understand that we cannot diagnose or give medical advice to non-patients. We will do our best to address your comments and questions through an e-mail response.
We do offer private phone sessions with Dr. Eslinger for a fee.

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