Mesothelioma Testimonial

From G.M. of Cypress, CA

In October 2010, I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, after about with Shortness of Breath, Bronchitis & Pneumonia. I met with thehospital Oncologist and was offered Chemotherapy every 3 weeks without an enddate. This would offer 2 – 2 ½ years of life.

Quality of life was not guaranteed, so upon recommendationfrom a family friend we sought alternative integrative treatment from Dr. Bobat Reno Integrative Medical Center. I began the 3-week Boot Camp in January 2011.

I entered treatment with a depleted immune system, limited walking ability,fatigue, weakness, lacked focus, in pain after surgery and labored breathing.Boot Camp consisted of IPT (low-dose targeted Chemo), UVBI, PRP, B17, Vit CDrips & various other immune fighting/boosting IV supplements. After BootCamp, I left Reno stronger, with more energy & on the way to building abetter immune system, & living with Mesothelioma.

I continued treatment atRIMC thereafter monthly, bi-monthly, & have now progressed to every 6months with UVBI, B17, PRP, Vit C & other supplements.

I now have quality of life, enjoying grandkids, family,friends, church, watching sports, being a member of the VFW, yet continueliving & healing from Mesothelioma.

 RIMC is unparalleled in medical care. The staff has offereda family environment that allows positive, easier healing while providing theutmost in professional medical care.

The continued education of Dr. Bob in cancer research hasresulted in benefiting all his patients. He strives to treat patients with allnew knowledge & protocols for the betterment of our care. I thank Dr. Bob& his staff for a great atmosphere for healing & feel blessed by theircontinued love and care.



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