We want to welcome our new patients to Reno Integrative Medical Center. It is our goal to provide you with as comfortable an experience as possible.

What Kind of Patients do we Treat?
  • Patients with cancer:
    All Types
  • Non cancer patients:
    This includes all chronic illnesses as well as those committed to maintaining their health.
  • Our minimum age requirement is 18
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Why Should Patients Come to our Clinic?
We are located in the United States

Reno Integrative Medical Center provides significant benefit for individuals and families seeking a second opinion or alternative medical treatments. No longer is there a need to travel out of the country to Mexico or Europe for qualified integrative cancer care. Reno Integrative Medical Center utilizes the best of conventional medical therapies combined with the newest and most effective alternative medical treatments available.

No Harm Philosophy

Being an Integrative Clinic allows us to prescribe the best of both conventional and alternative medical treatments while being compassionate to the patient and treading as softly as possible on the body. Do as little harm as possible while restoring vitality.

We are an Out-Patient Facility

Patients must be ambulatory, meaning, they must be able to walk as well as meet their own personal needs. The exception would be if a patient had their own attendant.

We are a day clinic, meaning patients need to provide their own lodging. There are a large selection of local hotels, inns, condos and  RV facilities available. Patients may also choose to provide their own transportation.  This information can be found on the Where to Stay section of our site.

Patients are expected to bring their own food to fuel them for the day. We provide a comfortable space to store food, serve and enjoy. We also offer samples of ketogenic finger food and shakes daily for our patients to sample if they choose.

Our Approach

Our approach at Reno Integrative Medical Center

Information on our website is provided to better educate our patients so that an informed decision can be made. It is our objective to explain to you as clearly as possible who we are and what Reno Integrative Medical Center provides.

  1. Cancer Boot Camp: is an out-patient, two, three or four week therapy program designed to rigorously address our patient’s cancer and chronic disease. Integrated alternative cancer treatment options are utilized for targeting the specific cancer as well as boosting the immune system.
  2. Testing and Monitoring: Reno Integrative Medical Center conducts testing to ascertain the level of our patient’s general health to establish a baseline from which to monitor progress. Patient lab results are monitored throughout their treatment.
  3. Therapeutics: Includes a wide scope of therapies we are
    able to offer. It is an evolving process that requires an honest and constant evaluation. Only those therapies that yield the dynamic effects we expect are used.

More New Patient Information

Initial Evaluation

Information about your first visit with Dr. Eslinger and Reno Integrative Medical Center

Medical Records Evaluation

We offer private 1 hour consultations for a fee

PICC Line maintenance video

This is a password protected page for patients use only. If you need the password, please call front office 775 829-1009 or e-mail office@ and they will assist you.

Where to stay

Helpful information for those making lodging plans for their treatment.

New Patient Paperwork

For those who would like to download and fill out paperwork prior to their first visit.
Call or e-mail for password.775-829-1009

Call for an appointment (800) 994-1009 pst