Oncoblot Cancer Test

The Oncoblot cancer test is a new test that has been proven to detect cancer before anything else on the market. 

It is a simple blood draw we do at our clinic. This is the same as you may have had for any other blood test.  

Results are available between 2 - 3 weeks.

Oncoblot cancer test

The most amazing thing about the Oncoblot cancer test is it can not only detect cancer in its very early stages (before it is visible on any scans or other tests) but if it is present in the body.  The amazing thing about this test is it can tell which organ cancer is growing in.

Oncoblot Cancer Test
offers early detection

early organ cancer detection

When any cancer is discovered this early in its development, it is much more responsive to many therapies that are not toxic to the rest of the body.

This remarkable test is the result of research done by two PhD professors at Purdue University.  They are James and Dorothy Morre’.  He was the head of Medicinal Chemistry and she worked in the Botany department.  They have published over 200 articles in scientific journals about this work.

oncoblot cancer test research

Scientific Details

The full name for the Oncoblot test is a mouthful.  It is Ecto-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Oxidase Disulfide-Thiol Exchanger 2 or (ENOX2).

The presence of ENOX2 proteins in the blood provides a non-invasive ability to find cancer cells in very small numbers.  The exact molecular weight of the protein is very specific to every organ in the body so the location can be determined by blood test alone.

This was all made possible by the utilization of two cutting edge testing techniques called two dimensional electrophoresis and immunoblotting.  They work together to identify the very specific ENOX2 proteins given off or “shed” by certain sites on the surface of the cell membranes of the cancer cells.  By doing it this way the proteins can be identified molecule by molecule. 

The end result of this process results in a very small ratio of false positives or false negatives.  It is much smaller than any other test currently used in medicine.

Even more exciting is that the results were connected with disease presence in both early (Stage 1) and late (Stage 4) disease and Stage 4 recurrence but was absent from the blood of non-cancer (healthy) volunteers or in survivors free of disease for one to five years. 

What’s more, the test detected all the different varieties of cancers potentially found in all the different organs.

New Treatment

Non-toxic therapies are being developed, still in trial studies, to block the proteins and cause the cancer cells to commit suicide.

This cell suicide process is called Apoptosis;  A natural function of every normal cell that is turned off by cancer cells.  This is how cancer cells manage to remain "undetected" by the best of immune systems.

This new research offers a whole new way to find and treat this devastating disease. 

Cost for Oncoblot cancer test

We are currently charging $1,000 for the test.  We are located in Reno, Nevada. Blood is drawn for the test at our office.

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