Pancreatic Cancer Alternative Treatment has come a long way.  Usually, in conventional treatment,  the prognosis (expected course of disease) for someone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is pretty grim.  It has remained that way, largely unchanged for the past 30 years.

“Having said that………………”

Fortunately for patients seeking other options,  there are  effective/safe Alternative/Integrative therapies that have begun to be available in states such as Nevada. 

 Based on sound biochemistry of the cancer cell, we are able to ultimately cause them to die, without killing healthy cells

It all started with a man named Otto Warburg, M.D., PhD.

He received a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for proving that all cancer cells utilize an abnormal way of burning sugar without using oxygen called “anaerobic metabolism”.  This, more primitive, way of producing energy is 18 times less efficient at producing energy from sugar.  This requires cancer cells to absorb 18 times more sugar than normal aerobic (oxygen utilizing) cells.  This is the source of the common statement “cancer loves sugar”.

What are some of the
Pancreatic Cancer Alternative Treatment options?

At Reno Integrative Medical Center we provide a warm, compassionate environment for healing. 

We apply scientifically based therapies, from around the world, to disrupt and stop cancer cells while protecting normal cells and enhancing the immune system.

Our preferred signature program is called Cancer Boot Camp.
We encourage you to consider this. We have many options available to meet patients where they are at with time, location and budget. 

A pancreatic cancer alternative treatment protocol is likely to include the following therapies.

  • IPT (insulin potentiated therapy) utilizes this principle to target the cancer cells more specifically by lowering the blood sugar to levels that are harmless to normal cells but causes the cancer cells to start starving for sugar.  It was developed by Donato Perez Garcia, M.D. in Mexico in the 1920’s.  By administering, IV, small doses of sugar mixed with small doses of drugs, herbs or other substances at a very specific time, they can be delivered to the cancer cells much more exactly, and not harm normal cells. 
  • UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation) is a therapy that was developed in the US in the 1920’s.  It was found to be very safe but effective in treating viral and bacterial infections.  Eventually it was also found to be very helpful in the treatment of cancer.  In the 1950’s, pharmaceuticals came into use in modern medicine in a big way.  Since no one could patent ultraviolet light, attention was turned to forms of therapy that had a much higher profit margin.  Eastern Europe could not afford the drugs, so they carried on the research using UBI.  Over 125 published medical studies have shown the great benefit obtained by using UBI.
  • Salicinium is a plant based compound that contains a sugar molecule combined with what is called a “benzaldehyde carbon ring”.  The enzyme necessary to split off the sugar is only contained in the cancer cells so normal cells will not absorb it.  When it enters the cancer cell and that enzyme splits off the sugar so the cell can burn it for energy, the remaining benzaldehyde interferes with the energy production in such a way as to kill the cell.  There are no “side effects” with the use of Salicinium.
  • Oxidative therapies were developed in Germany.  They utilize the toxic effect that oxygen in different forms (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, medical grade oxygen) has on cancer cells while enhancing normal cells.

Cancer Blood Tests

Reno Integrative Medical center uses the Nagalase test to better  monitor the success of treatment.

Cancer- Nagalase,  CA 27-29, CEA, CA 15-3, CA125, IvyGene