Reno Integrative Medical Center is a “Fee for Service” clinic and does not accept insurance as payment for services, nor does it submit claims to insurance carriers. Patients will be given receipts for services rendered. It is up to the patient to deal directly with their insurance carriers. Coding is an ever changing process that insurance companies utilize. It is a system we do not choose to be part of. Therefore, this clinic does not participate in any insurance programs, government or private.

  • This allows both patient and physician more flexibility in treatment options. It is a major step in taking charge of your own personal health care.
  • Please be advised that some insurance companies do not consider alternative and complementary medicine therapies to be “standard” practice and therefore, depending on your individual policy, you may not be reimbursed by your carrier.

Cancellation policy for appointments

Because most appointments require requesting, receiving and preparing medical records, we ask for a minimum of 3 business day notice, if, for any reason, you need to make any changes to your appointment. As long as you speak to one of our office coordinators within the requested time frame to make any changes to your scheduled appointment, we will be happy to apply your deposit towards a future appointment.

  • Keep in mind that leaving a message with our answering service may not secure your deposit.

We understand that unplanned circumstances can occur and you may need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. If you reschedule or cancel your appointment less than 3 business days prior to your appointment time, your deposit is non-refundable and a new deposit will be required to book any future appointments.

Your understanding and consideration with this policy will give us time to contact those on the waiting list to offer any open appointments. 

We provide a questionnaire form below should you have specific questions. Our website is full of great information and we encourage you to read and learn as much as possible.

Our liaison services staff will respond to your inquiry.

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Please understand that we cannot diagnose or give medical advice to non-patients. We will do our best to address your comments and questions through an e-mail response.

We do offer private phone sessions with Dr. Eslinger for a fee. See Medical Records Evaluation under New Patients.

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